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    K50IN/K40IN ALC662 OSX Sierra 10.12

    Version 0.0


    aDummyHDA kext for ASUS K50IN/K40IN laptop. OSX Sierra 10.12 Both working. Installation: Don't forget make DSDT HDA integration with layout5; *.kext Install at S/L/E; Anti-pop can resolve sound popping after sleep; For sound working after wake, download and install latest version of CodecCommander; At clover.txt patch strings for AppleHDA, don't forget to add them both to clover.plist;
  2. Strelok-AC

    K50IN/K40IN ALC662 OSX Sierra 10.12

  3. It seems ur clover configuration or DSDT have some issues. Other possible reason is version of mine Dummy*.kext-s different with version into Sierra that u try to install, if it right u just need to create dummy*.kext-s using info from mine by yourself.
  4. Here is files neccesory for installing ElCapitan, Sierra on K50IN. For me prefer to use Clover. I removed OSX from laptop becourse nVidia driver with G102M not support H264 hardware acceleration... If somebody can resolve this problem we will glad to see ur guide. pack.zip
  5. At past versions of OSX we can use Antipop script, that not give OSX turnoff soundcard power at idle after 30sec. But in OSX Sierra, this script not working, so when no sound in soundcard between 30sec, OSX turn down power at soundcard, so when system need to play some notification sound, at first we can hear cracking pop sound, after sound of notification.
  6. Strelok-AC

    Sound popping problem at OSX Sierra Realtek

    Did you tried your solution at OSX Sierra? At this moment it's not working any more, but thanks for idea