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    OpenCore Configurator

    OpenCore Configurator A tool for creating and editing OpenCore configuration files. It's still in a very early stage, so if you find bugs, please let me know. Important note: Always keep a backup of your current config before opening it with this program. This is alpha software, stuff may break! Features Auto-add entries for ACPI files in OC/ACPI/Custom Auto-add entries for kexts in OC/Kexts Sort kexts, ACPI files, ACPI patches and Kernel patches Generate SMBIOS with macserial EFI partition mounter Paste ACPI patches in plist format (Clover or OC patches) Coming soon convert clover config.plist into OC format In-app updater (OCC and macserial) Known Bugs File > new does not work yet (opens, but crashes on save) Some malformed configs may still cause the program to crash. If that is the case, please upload that config so I can fix the issue Credits vit9696 for OpenCore and macserial Download-Fritz for OpenCore and for helping me understand the ins and outs of its configuration xmari0 for helping me debug various issues CorpNewt for motivating me to write this app OpenCore Configurator Source Download: OpenCore-Configurator_alpha10.zip
  2. notiflux

    OpenCore Configurator

    @iCanaro could you test this build again? @ALL This build also includes an ACPI patch previewer. To show it, select a patch and hit the spacebar OpenCore-Configurator_alpha17.zip
  3. notiflux

    OpenCore Configurator

    Can you attach a new crashlog?
  4. notiflux

    OpenCore Configurator

    @iCanaro can you try this build? This also saves data entries in one line now, but some subdicts still don't keep the order, that's still a WIP OpenCore-Configurator_alpha14.zip
  5. notiflux

    OpenCore Configurator

    @vit9696 I already found a workaround for that which is similar to what CorpNewt did on ProperTree. I just need to make sure that it doesn't reorder things for all subdicts. I already have all the code to do this but I will greatly need to change the structure of my open handler functions, so that will take some more time @iCanaro You don't have any apfs volumes on your High Sierra install, do you? I currently can't simulate such an environment, could you please run this command in terminal: diskutil apfs list -plist > ~/apfs.plist and upload the resulting file from your home directory?
  6. notiflux

    OpenCore Configurator

    @Andrey1970 thanks for the heads up. I did not expect you to consider my app when it comes to config changes. I check the docs directory on the OpenCorePkg repo almost daily and I did my best to build OCC in such a way that it's easy to account for changes to the spec @ricoc90 honestly I don't like when applications behave like that, so I don't think I will be changing that. I've just accustomed to hitting cmd+q to quit an app
  7. notiflux

    OpenCore Configurator

    @pico joe @iCanaro can both of you upload the config that crashes the program? @chris1111 @headkaze I appreciate the efforts, but the icon is only temporary anyway until the official OC logo is published. I have actually changed the icon yesterday already, the changes aren't upstream yet though. I will publish a new build with the latest icon and fixes in a bit
  8. notiflux

    OpenCore Configurator

    @SavageAUS only for ACPI patches. Just open the clover config.plist in xcode or any text editor and copy either the whole Patches array or a single patch dict and paste it into the acpi>patch table
  9. notiflux

    New OPEMU supporting fully till SSE4.1

    First up the compiler doesn't seem to like multi line comments starting with /**, removing one asterisk solves that. Also ss32 and ss64 are defined as constants but are constantly changing, so you need to remove the "const" from their definitions too. Also you need to replace int64_t with __int64_t (same thing with uint64_t), that also solves some errors. Doing so greeted me with another wall of errors though coming from xmmintrin.h and its cousins which I'm currently trying to fix, part of it is caused by duplicate declarations, those are an easy fix, but others seem to come from within the header file itself (?) which leads me to believe that my build environment is just really borked... @XLNC is experiencing the same errors though, so IDK about that. I attached the terminal output from how far I got. Edit: Also in some files you forgot to declare islongmode, doing that also resolves some issues opemu.log
  10. It's just not a very high priority on their list. They need to strip all the non free parts from the source, which may take time. But generally they just don't care enough. They even break their own license by not releasing the source code for iOS XNU Gesendet von meinem ONEPLUS A5000 mit Tapatalk
  11. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend you. All I did was to apply Shaneee's diff file, I did not change a single line of code, that's why I said all credits go to Shaneee. I know that a huge part of the code that Shaneee uses is from you, but I didn't get the code from you, that's why I didn't credit you. I should have done it though. I'm sorry. Sent from my ONEPLUS A5000 using Tapatalk
  12. the link you mean? To my gdrive, I've uploaded it there since it's more than 10mb so I can't attach it to the post
  13. Okay so I've already built a kernel based on Darwin 17.2. All credits go to Shaneee, all I did was to apply his diff file. I didn't even bother to change the version number so uname -a still says Shaneee, but that's cool because it is in fact his kernel EDIT: Also huge credit to the original creators of the AMD kernel: Bronya, AnV and Sinetek Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Bp9lKlyb7k198lOolD51sja8SUZg6gAb/view?usp=drivesdk