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    thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge.
  2. ما منتظر همون فرداییم داداش. کجایی؟ مخلص
  3. FlyingMac

    MacBook with W7- no audio drivers

    Hi, I have the same problem, `I'm going to download bootcamp drivers maybe can fix it, http://isohunt.com/torrent_details/125469825/bootcamp?tab=summary
  4. hi. I want to synchronize time in my Mac with ISP server. in linux you can do it easily, even in windows there's some App that can do it. I want to find out if it is possible in Mac, too. tnx in advance.
  5. sorry man. but where is eject key, u said ctrl+shift+eject what do u mean about eject? tnx.
  6. hi in active screen corners there's such this option, just goto system preferences / expose and spaces / and then for example choose right top corner, and from pop down menu choose sleep monitor. now when you roll over mouse to right top corner of monitor the monitor will sleep. hop to be useful for u.
  7. FlyingMac

    How help Apple to make OS X better

    great, man. thanks for ur idea.
  8. hi everybody how we can suggest Apple to make OS X better. for example > is it possible that Apple compile OS X for various cpus, so it can be like open source Linux and will be optimized for each cpu and performance will improve. anyone?
  9. FlyingMac


    could be used for other devices? like sound or others? I have problem with mounting mass storages via usb port on my hackintosh. to mount them each time I need to reboot and it's really boring. hardware details Q6600 on Abit IB9- P965/Ich8 I installed drivers for usb from osx86tools but no success. so I hope to get better driver from ndiswrapper. any Idea? pardon me I am really nobe. tanx.
  10. hi man. excuse me!!!!! what do you mean about leopard retail dvd, do you mean original dvd? I test with it and got this error. "80 for hdd first mastre. 81 for second hdd master" I did the above steps but got this error. it seems it does not recognise my dvd-rw. I am using it on abit ib9, with intel 965P for north bridge and ich8 for south bridge. thanks in advanced.
  11. try this when u installed Xp on your primary hdd, disconnect it and install leopard using any method that u know. after complete installation connect hdd to mobo. using boot menu u can boot from first hdd or second and boot from xp or leo. if u need more help, contact me. good luck. shantiaster@gmail.com
  12. FlyingMac

    New Chameleon Announced!

    very nice. but I don't know what is it for. has anyone test efix? who can use from efix? what kind of hardware is needed? can we install leopard original dvd without patch on our pc? when we can do this? I have not enough money to buy mac, and I really love mac. so what should I do?
  13. FlyingMac

    PCEFI v9 Installer

    hi everyone. Can it be used to install a real leopard dvd and not patched dvd's? if yes, how? thanks. pardon me, I'm new to computer, and specially mac. thanks again.
  14. hi. I tried to install maya 8.5 and 2009 on my hackintosh but I can even run it. when I click to open it it goes up and down for several times on dock and then give an error with this message "The applicetion Maya quit unexpectedly. Mac OS X and other applications are not affected. ignore , report , relaunch" I try to reinstall the may, but no success. anyone can help me? ----------------------------- hac pro kalyway 10.5.2 Mb Abit IB9 Cpu Q6600 VGA geforce 8500