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  1. I checked inside the .pkg and it doesn't seem to contain support for Pascal cards. Can anyone with a Pascal card confirm that these drivers don't work yet?
  2. Hi everyone! I have a fantastic Compal IFL90 and I'm really happy with it, although it had some issues from the beginning, and some new one introduced with snow leopard ISSUES NEVER SOLVED: - sleep with vanilla kernel (anyone could help?) - LAN (some improvements now, i've solved it buying an external card) - WLAN (solved it buying a dell compatible card) - Trackpad not recognized as trackpad but as mouse - External display never recognized NEW ISSUES (snow leopard) - Internal Bluetooth is not seen anymore in the regdump - Internal microphone not working (using VoodooHDA.kext) Someone can please help?
  3. I post here a really easy to follow guide that will make you eventually boot from your windows partition under vmware if: you are using a dual boot XP/OS X normally booting with the darwin bootloader you have them on the same HD VMWare is not seeing the windows partition as a "BootCamp" partiton. 1) Install VMWare. 2) Open terminal and type: sudo fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0 where 0 is the number of your hd where you have the two systems. type: print here you will have a list of your partitions. Please proceed ONLY if you see the HFS+ partition flagged with the * symbol. type: flag X where X is the number of the windows partition you want to use with vmware. type: write type "y" and enter. Do not exit fdisk as you will need it just in a few minutes. 3) launch vmware and you'll be pleased to see that you now have a bootcamp boot option. Follow the program instructions. 4) When you have finished to install everything and play a bit with the new toy exit VMWare shutting the machine down. 5) Go to the open terminal window and type: flag X where X is the number of the partition the was flagged before you changed it (the HFS+ boot partition). type: write y exit 6) Open vmware and verify that the BootCamp boot option is still there (as it was for me). 7) Try to reboot mac os (it should be all ok! DONE
  4. I think that the only way to proceed if you don't have an already running INTEL OS X environment is to make an USB bootable installation disk basically doing this: from g5: - Clone an original leopard installation disk to the USB pendrive - Install Chamaleon and the 10.6 mkext into the pendrive following the steps in this thread from the eeebook: - Boot in the eeebook with this prepared key and install snow over it (remember to format the disk to GUID once in the installation process) from g5: - Mount the eeebook HD into your G5 and install Chamaleon + the mkexts in the HD - It should now boot in your eeebook once you mount it back into it.
  5. you can re-speedstep it unloading and reloading the voodoopowermini kext. Just make a respeedstep.command file on oyur desktop with these lines written: sudo kextunload /path/to/VodooPowerMini.kext sudo kextload /path/to/VodooPowerMini.kext Are you able to hibernate it? so far i've only managed to make normal sleep work. To ones which 1000he deepsleeps correctly: what BIOS version are you running on? Thnks
  6. is there a way to enable speedstep? i've noticed that under windows the battery last 8 hours and half, under os x is slightly worse...
  7. Hi, thanks for the guide, it all went smooth and speed and performances are really good. The only thing I've noticed is that Deep Sleep is not working as expected. The computer goes to sleep but if you power it off it doesn't wake from hibernation (doesn't correctly save the RAM status to disk). Have you also noticed this? Thanks again for everything
  8. UPDATE: I perfecty resolved all the problems i've had. The PC_EFI 10.4beta that tzel2 gave me worked once I've found the real problem: the new drivers didn't like my old monitor (although it was DVI!). I've bought a new monitor and everything is now working with QE/CI. It really seems that new drivers don't like some monitors... I've tried 3 VGA monitors and 1 of them worked, two DVI monitors and one of them is working. I think some work can be done with an EDID string, but i really don't care now, because my new monitor is very very good and big Also, I've resolved (P6T Deluxe v2) the resume after sleep problem disabling in the BIOS "Repost VGA BIOS after S3 sleep" option. Remember that this mobo needs -pci0 option in the boot.plist in order to correctly inject graphic card efi strings. ------ As other users reported, someone (incl. me) is having troubles getting 4870 working again under snow. The new snow drivers in fact make my system hang with gpu fan speeding up at max rpm and a black screen. The only working setup with snow drivers is to use EVOEnabler with a bin_image key in the Info.plist but this lead me to a working environment WITHOUT working QE/CI. So far the only working solution is to recycle 10.5.8 kext, in conjunction with aty_init or using pcefi 10.3 injection capabilities. in posting here the three needed kext to get at least it working under x32. 1) remove ATI4800Controller.kext 2) put the kexts in the attached folder into S/L/E or E/E, repair permissions and go! ATINDRV.kext.zip ATIRNDRV.kext.zip ATY_Init.kext.zip
  9. How much VRAM do you have in your 4870 toxic? if you have a 1gb card, can you please give me your BIOS rom? maybe it's just a matter of it... also can you please upload here your evoenabler/aty_init you are using to make it work?
  10. hi, thanks for the reply. I've tried your PC_EFI and it's better than netkas' one (at least i can see display). Unfortunately i get no QE/CI. The result is the same as with certain EVOEnabler (if I put a <ATY,bin_image> key in the Info.plist i get display working without QE/CI, if I don't put that key, I get black screen, max rpm gpu fan and system hangs). With 10.5.8 drivers I get QE/CI no matter if I inject ATY,bin_image key...
  11. are you using both of them? can you please upload here the files you are using?
  12. sroddy


    I'm really stuck. EVOEnabler is working but i get no CI/QE, just screen res change. Without it system hangs with graphic card's fan speeding to max rpm and no-signal screen. I have a dual-dvi Sapphire 1gb hd4780 toxic edition. Anyone has a clue? Anyone with a 1 gb 4870 working card with plain 10.3 Graphic enabler can please post his rom/bin_image?
  13. sroddy

    xfx hd 4870 sl

    are you sure that with your evoenabler you have qe/ci support? i got it working but when i open imovie it says i don't have qe working...
  14. for voodoohda the quickest way is to put the kext inside the /S/L/E instead of E/E for fakesmc the problem is that you are using the leopard kext instead of the Snow one. I've menaged to install it but it's very instable and lot of things keep it crashing. Every time i try to install anything it panics on "optimizing system performance". Safari often makes it panic. I think the main error i made was to import everything from my existing leopard partition, so now i'm trying to reinstall everything from scratch. For now i'm still at leopard 10.5.7 and i think i'll stay there at least until the new chamaleon will handle to inject the Extensions.mkext in the right folder!
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    thankyou elastic, your evoenabler is pretty good. I can only see a few nasty thing. The first is that at the boot, when graphics are loaded the display stop to respond and i have to unplug and replug the display cable to get the image back. the second is that after wake from sleep the image gets fuzzy and pretty unreadable, i have to reboot to get it back...
  16. sroddy


    just to give a much clear feedback netkas, with your ATY_Init.kext and a gfx string I get to the closest point. In other cases the display stops to work and loses signal. With ATY_Init.kext at least i see something. Really weird, but something. Do you have an efi .plist for a 1gb 4870 for me to try with? Thank you very very much for all your work!
  17. sroddy


    I have a 4870 1gb i've tried with efi string, ATY_Init.kext, the new 64bit EVOEnabler.kext. Today I'll try to put the 10.5.8 ATINDRV and ATIRNDRV directly insto S/L/E. If this fails i don't really know what to do...
  18. still the same problem... can you please upload your DSDT.aml and the exact files you are using to boot succesfully?
  19. tried using a EFI string instead of ATY_Init.kext but still no luck...has anyone menaged to start snow leopard from an internal sata drive??
  20. i've done it, but after a "ACPI_SMC_Platform_Plugin::start" time out nothing happens, remains there forever. I think i still miss something on the Radeon HD 4870 side?
  21. Ok, i got a little more further. I've installed Chamaleon on a EFI partition and now i'm able to boot in single user mode in -x32. Panics in -x64 and when i boot in -x32 -v I get a 'SerialATAPI device reconfiguration did not complete successfully' error that keeps displaying every 30 seconds. I'm trying to understand if this sis a AHCPI-related issue or a graphic one (i have a Sapphire Radeon HD 4870 which works with ATY_Init.kext under Leopard... Edit: if i boot in IDE compatible mode i get a 'still waiting for root device', do i need a specific kext to fix this?
  22. hi everyone. thnx for all the info you provided Unfortunately I'm still stuck at some point. I have to install Snow on the same drive as Leopard but in another partition. I've installed Snow on this new partition from Leopard and then i've installed Chamaleon and all the necessary stuff. The problem is that when I boot from that dual partition drive I'm booting trought the Leopard Chamaleon, and if I select the Snow Leo partition, i get an instant KP, whatever flag I put. I've tried setting the right UUID in boot.plist and smbios.plist but no luck. Thnx for your help and sorry for my bad english..
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    AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    Hey Taruga, first thank you very much for your hard effort. I've seen that my codec (ALC268) is still unsupported by the patcher, so i've decided to go on and try to patch it myself following your guide. I followed all the steps using a codec dump done with a linux live distro binhexing, changing the nodes. My situation is the following now: under apple system profiler I can see output/headphone/mic but i cant see them in my sytem preferences! do you know what i could be missing? Thank you again here is my codec dump if you should care codecdump.txt