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  1. Same here with a GTX 650. Couldn't use it until 816M. Also, I noticed that sleep was taking a long time with lots of disk writes. Not sure why hibernate mode is on for a desktop! I disabled hibernatemode following this thread: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/4492672?start=15&tstart=0 It still takes a good 10-20 seconds to sleep though Any better solutions?
  2. Same thing on my main Hack with an 3750K and power management works fine
  3. Sorry for the late reply.. been crazy crazy week! Here's the dump take 2.. should be here now! Yup.. on purpose! I imagined this would be the case, but I have heard of no way to enable power management, much less how to configure the boot loader in EFI? So again, how can we enable power management? DarwinDumper_2.8.1_AMI_X64_00_000_00_000_Ozmosis_1.01.0739M___(2013-08-13_01_10_33__)_ML_FruitBoi.zip
  4. Thanks Joe75, I did find that and will try on the next OS update. Can anybody confirm their CPU Multiplier and power management? I can sleep and wake up fine, the CPU just does not throttle down while idle. The only way I know how to see this is via iStat Menus' Sensor widget
  5. Hi Guys, I wanted to report that I finally got to building my box, flashing the ProjectQ motherboard and installing 10.8.4 today. Sweet! Installs from normal retail USB installer without issue. Everything worked except Audio. Installed ALC892 from Toleda to get that working. Then I got greedy and decided to boot a drive from a MBP. Everything fired right up! Amazing! I had to install FakeSMC & Plugins to get temp sensors working in iStat Menus and install audio drivers. Is there a better way to get temp sensors and audio working? The only issue I can detect is that my CPU multiplier is fixed at the maximum. My Chameleon system will scale down to 1.6GHz to 3.2GHz to save power. Any idea how to get power management working on the ProjectQ? Thanks!
  6. seehong, Why not install Kalyway with a fresh install on your P5B? the P5B is a very well supported mobo, but it obviously has different hardware, so the drivers will need to be matched for that mobo, as well as your video card. I'm sure the reason WoW will not play is because you may or may not have the proper video drivers (you did not specify!) and most likely the sound card drivers are incorrect as well. I recommend using a P5B install guide and asking those familiar with that board for help. This thread is for the Gigabyte P35-DSx board. Regards, Fruitboi
  7. cyberdef,That's because the Kalyway release is completely different and the install options are not the same. The Kalyway installer is completely replaced from the stock Apple installer. I tried the 10.5.2 dvd as well, but clearly I could not follow this guide, and I was not successful (I think due to a bad download or burn, however). This guide has been proven over and over to be successfuly - pcwiz did a great job!My 0.02: Just follow this guide to a "T" and you'll have a great set of people in this thread to help in case of any trouble :)It's really simple to just use this guide EXACTLY as pcwiz instructs. It doesn't take much time to upgrade from 10.5.1 to 10.5.2 I know it's tempting to use the 10.5.2 guide, but then you are on your own. It should work, but you can't really expect the people in this thread to help because you didn't do as instructed, no?Fruitboiej25power-Double check you are in S1 sleep in BIOS. pcwiz guide says S1, but some have had success with S3. I don't us sleep, so I can't tell you. If you are running the "sleep" kernel from this guide, did you install the Time Machine and Airport upade? That will update your kernel to 9.2.2 Vanilla from Apple and break sleep.I've heard of others with the long term sleep problem as well. I would try removing any peripherals to see if that helps. Clearly we don't have the Apple sanctified drivers that ensure sleep. That's probably the reason why sleep works so much better on a Mac than on any other platform IMHO.Disclaimer: PCwiz is the real wiz around here, I'm just kinda going by what I remember and my little experience with OSx86. I don't have time to run around searching the forum for answers for others.Fruitboi
  8. ej25power, Sleep has been discussed in this thread thoroughly. Have you read thru this thread? Also, are you using this install method? There are several reasons for not waking up from sleep - usually BIOS setting (S1 vs S3) and not using the Sleep kernel. Which kernel & sleep mode are you using? Roarsaur, There are a couple of "fixes" for SATA drives showing up as external. pcwiz linked to a thread just recently I believe. I didn't attempt the fix because I'm no longer using the Kalyway install. Sounds like you can either modify a kext (relating to ACPI I believe) or just change the icons manually. I did a retail installation on another drive (same system) and they show up as internal on that build. I'm not exactly sure which kexts fixed it I'm not exactly sure if the USB high speed is actually a "problem". I'm thinking it is just the design of the board? But perhaps someone running Windows could look to see how many "USB High speed controllers" show up in Device Manager for this board? Sorry, I guess I'm not too helpful here Fruitboi
  9. Thanks Roarsaur! I think my ports are working fine.. I sure wish they were all high speed ports tho! Kind of deceptive, I think! Fruitboi
  10. Islander, The phantom partition you are seeing is most likely the EFI partition. Gparted shows it as 200MB in size, and is marked Bootable. I don't know much about it, but I think that is where the EFI bootloader lives. Thats why the first partition available in Disk Util is DxS2.. Slice1 is for EFI I think. I had a devil of a time trying to fully erase the drive as well. I'm not sure how I finally got around it though?! But, EFI needs to be there for OS X Fruitboi
  11. Islander, You could have a bum video card! I've seen people stuck in misery for months because of that! Why not try a Zotac 7300 GT (newegg has them for $20 after rebate right now). Just to see if you can get up an running? Fruitboi
  12. Treggs, I'm sure you know that OS X is a Unix style core (BSD in particular). The Darwin core is open source, just not the OS X GUI & apps. Install VMWare Fusion onto your OS X system and yer rockin & rollin! Windows apps can act just like Mac apps with Unity view (or Parallels has the same thing as well). Let us know how it turns out! I'd be very interested! Fruitboi
  13. Glad u got 'er figgered out! P.S. Ubuntu is great, and I can *almost* understand dual-booting into Windows if you are a gamer (and no other reasons :-D ). But why triple boot into Ubuntu? I replaced my Ubuntu box (+2 VMs on top of Ubuntu to get the applications I needed) with OS X Server that does 10000x better job and it's much faster and easier than both Windows and Ubuntu! Fruitboi
  14. Sounds great pcwiz! Let me know if you need any help! Not sure what I can do... maybe proofread and test your tutorials? U think you will create a new thread for this? Fruitboi
  15. Wow, this thread has been quiet lately Roarsaur or anyone? - How many "High Speed" USB busses are you showing on your ds3r? Aaron