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  1. Hi, so i bought a screen for my acer 5740 (broke it some time ago) and well i tried once again to install OS X into. I have a little different specs: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 , CPU i3 330M and 8Gb ram , well think its the only different things. i followed your guide and it worked well some things, lets sort it: first "GPU: It works perfectly after installing clover bootloader and putting this file in /EFI directory. Thanks to mmon." i dont know if it changed with clover versions but actually i had to put into EFI/CLOVER/ , and not only EFI/. i used Iatkos ML2 to install so i had chamaleon as first bootloader, and wireless and wired cards works flawless after install even thou some people say they need kext for BCM57780, with chamaleon it works ok but now with clover its not working (not that i need atm but its good to be working). Since i used your files( DSDT and config) it detects mine 5650 as 5470 but with 1Gb well i dont understand much so it is detected in DSDT or in the EDID in config, i would like to know so i can change it (is DSDT need to create mine). And webcam, mine its not working, needs any kext?
  2. Hum, as a owner of one these Usb Wifi sticks it works great idd, IF you dont plan to use for 802.1x networks (eduroam) the card may support it but the wireless utility provided for mac is really limited in the security option so if you want one that works with any kind of wireless networks dont go for this one besides that it works good.
  3. Mountain Lion 10.8.4

    Hum, A apple store pelos vistos ontem fez o download automatico do combo update (tem como desativar? partiçao pequena), e hoje quando liguei ele pedia para reiniciar para acabar instalaçao, entao instalei antes manualmente e removi os kexts ( appleHDA, Geforce, GF*, NVD* ) e aparentemente esta tudo funcional como de antes, apenas notei que ele agora nao detecta a bateria, e ainda nao consegui resolver isso.
  4. Hum maybe someone can help me, i have the same computer as you but with a few changes, HDD 300GB and wireless card mine is ralink which as no support in osx. well i used iatkos ml2 (10.8.2) to install and i have everything running fine (i do also boot without usb, no wireless). My big problem is HD4000, i deleted the kexts ( iatkos does that in the instalation if you choose to), after some search in this forum i found this post " http://www.insanelym...ge__hl__ hd4000 " i installed the Enoch bootloader and tried the HD4K-ig = * but it doesnt seem to work. even though in the System information it detects the built in display with 64mb's. what can i do more and any more information i can post here to help find a solution? do i really need to do the combo update to 10.8.3?7 EDIT: Ok got the HD4000 working using HD4K-ig = 3 and GraphicsEnabler=Yes, i dont know if i have QE/CI. And to boot without USB i copied from the extension folder you provided the Voodoo* , IO* ,FakeSMC and AppleACPI* kexts and its working all ok ( no wireless since its not compatible at all). Thanks for your guide
  5. sorry for late response and for do not have responde you'r topic but u already find mine . i didnt use any type of graphic's enabler but i see some topic about making hd 5650 working with switchres and the EDID but i always screw all up on the EDID part if u get it to work explain it plz. oh for keyboard and trackpad dont need to install kexts, at Lion install just choose the voodo ps/2 or apple ps/2 kext and they will work in first boot my problem was not waiting that time i got all working already (i dont try ethernet cause i dont have to and i dont need, and sound dont work yet). will try the graphic card soluction and the updates when i hv some time left. thanks
  6. i hv got the some problem i even created a topic as you solved it can i you post the kext's you used plz, oh and you have wireless working well?
  7. Hi, well i sucefully instaled Iatkos L1 on my acer aspire 5740 as i see in some topic's i only choose "chamaleon" no graphic enable, default option's more USB and PS/2 kext's. it install all ok but when it goes to restart after install gives an error, i manual restart and seems all ok i can move mouse maybe type in keyboard to cant know that but mouse move's the problem is i click on any button and it simple does nothing, i need to boot with "-x" so it work's ok mouse and keyboard but in safe mode i cant get usb neither wireless and i need at least usb because i cant get an way to install or remove any kext. any help would be awesome. Specs: Acer Aspire 5740 I3 330M 2.13Ghz 4 Gb ram Ati Mobility radeon HD 5650 1 gb wireless : atheros ar5b93 ethernet: broadcom netXtreme
  8. Acer Aspire TimelineX 5820GT (with QE/CI) HOWTO

    didnt work no one of the fb and even cant acess by vnc so i think completely stoped on boot, need to find another way. thanks alot
  9. Acer Aspire TimelineX 5820GT (with QE/CI) HOWTO

    yes [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] with chamaleon rc5 ati experimental but extra folder dont appear, strange o0 Edit: found it right now, nvm xD thanks
  10. Acer Aspire TimelineX 5820GT (with QE/CI) HOWTO

    well this may sound very noobish but where the hell can i find the extra folder? im using chamaleon 2 rc5 but i simple cant find it :X
  11. Acer Aspire TimelineX 5820GT (with QE/CI) HOWTO

    hum yes and if i try one wich dont work i need to reinstall or anyway to change it ?
  12. Acer Aspire TimelineX 5820GT (with QE/CI) HOWTO

    i have an Aspira 5740 but since is the same graphic card i will give it a try the worst i can get is losting another hour reinstalling the mac im atm 10.6.3 so i will download the comboupdate and test it later
  13. Acer Aspire TimelineX 5820GT (with QE/CI) HOWTO

    i will give it a try just a few question i only have dual boot win7 and mac, so i just need to follow this part: "QE/QI for 5820TG Special thanks goes out to Checco with his post on how to get the ATI Mobility Radeon 5650 HD up and running. Get [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url], run it in OSX. Under Drivers&Bootloaders select ATI drivers. Click continue to install. The attached zip file Extra, extract its contents into /Extra and the zip file boot.zip extract it in /. That's it for QE/QI. Orangutan is the Video profile for our setup that I've found to work." ?? thanks
  14. Finally QE/CI on Mobility 5650!

    Michael van Niekerk i will make a try. dd10986 my problem is im not an expert in this things :X . "looks like you are nearly there. my laptop monitor does that "4 mini images" just before entering desktop." but after that u can enter in desktop? cause i cant i just stays in that image and dont go into desktop or i need to wait more? second thing i didnt use any rom i still dont know where to get them or how to do to get them. i used AtiConfig=Hoolock. "Also I have the right EDID (see #24) on checco post" thats another problem i think i have the EDID cause i used the EDID viewer on windows and saved it to a file but what is EDID in all that file i cant find it lol. if i can use any of your files or rom plz share the link other thing after a fail atiframebuffer try how can i reset or edit the "com...." file without reinstall all the macosx sorry for this long text and thanks for help ( oh and for bad english to :x )
  15. Finally QE/CI on Mobility 5650!

    1120 i can see that but i see some topics say they could use hd 5650 with qe/ci and full res and i cant figure out how to do. and davidkozat88 , "LCD lights up and i get like 4 mini images divided by a dark large line throw the middle of the screen... " thats what happens to me i need to "reinstall" and now i have all working except graphic card