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  1. Dear Doctor , I'm trying to upgrade my Mojave(10.14.1 works fine) to Catalina(10.15.2). As usual, I make a USB disk: sudo ---------------- install clover 5102 to USB copy current EFI to USB EFI Then first boot: Panic of course, following the panic info ,I put the AppleMCEreportDisabler.kext in USB then fixed(i think) The second try still no luck, it goes further but still not in the installation screen. The info always scroll out of the screen(mad).. panic: Setting P-Limit is unsupported on this system! I'm wondering, could you make a general issues(Q&A) for Upgrade User? Apple always upgrading, it is very very VERY annoying( I'm experienced 10.12-->10.13-->10.14--> crazzzzy!) . . Hardware: c602 + 2670x2 + nVidia GT740
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  3. Thank you. Currently it not crash but screen keep at boot TEXT mode, GUI not shows. It not crashed. It need -x. Disk LED flashing if mouse/keyboard input something. It need a configuration of new user if GUI works fine.. Radeon HD 4350 . Here it is the F4 dump. Cheers. ACPI.zip
  4. After the Printf (Y) I got X64 Exception Type 0000000000000000E !!!! Any suggestion ?
  5. Do I need to apply iMAC or Mac Pro in SMBIOS section of Clover configurator? (Post install)
  6. Dear MaLdOn, I think my Ga-965p-ds3+ E5450 almost success but it lost display. I know there was a patch for display order, but I forgot how to fix it. Can you give me a hand? ( hint of a link or ...) By the way. About Mojave, is it possible to install on normal iMac 2009 late? (My old Mac . ) I know somebody make a patch for High Sierra in case of old machines which do not has SSE 4.1. Cheers.
  7. Dear MaLd0n, I got a situation. It crashed after partition & installation. Before the first user name & passwd & machine name ... The screen looks like the panic which caused by AppleACPIxxxxx . . Debug Screen scroll very quick then reboot. So I cannot pack the RunMe zip for you. What can I do? Clover + F4 and provide dsdt+ssdt for you ? Sorry for my poor English. Hardware: GA-965P-ds3 v3.3 + 771 E5450 mod. AHCI , VT off . It is fine under Win10. Sincerely.
  8. 1. ( for ho520726 ) Newest Clover configurator has a shut down patch. Try to enable it. 2. (for bilbo) About High Sierra, there are one DSDT patch to prevent quick rebooting at very beginning. Then, you can finished the installation. I believe.
  9. Thank you. I found it was my fault . I didn't read the instruction carefully . So the Issue 1 resolved by remove redundant cpu patch in plist. DSDT also no need. And for Issue 2. NEC USB 3.0 no works under High Sierra, It was a known issue. So, all Issue closed. So I remove all the files.
  10. Dear MaLdOn, I'm upgrading system recently(Sierra-->High Sierra) I have a situation here(see attach, it is 4.3mb so I split it to 3 pieces): Issue 1: The speed stepping looking good(up to 3.1~3.2 ghz) under HWMonitor, but it only have 1370cb (Cinebench R15 CPU 1980cb under Sierra). I reuse the ssdt file . Issue 2: By the way, I can see USB3 (and storage which plugged) under system reports but not functional. No storage shown in Finder. Help me please ...