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  1. llauqsd, how about speeds? i have ~20 MBps per port. even on usb 2.0 hosted by x79. about your issue: i have the same. i thought that it's hardware problem because usb 3.0 disappeared in windows too. but later i noticed that it happens only when i reboot from mac (with loaded genericusbxhci). and all next reboots with "reset button" or restarts by os. cold start doesn't show behaviour like that. by the way, now on latest version of driver after reboot pc hangs right before post screen with mobo logo. need to use power button. so i see all ports working in windows. with appropriate speeds. i wanted to change motherboard under warranty because of "broken" usb 3.0. but now i have to do this anyway. the first pci-e slot stopped working. going to buy rampage iv extreme instead. cheers.
  2. after changing "legacy usb 3.0" option in bios to off i get kp with Oyen now.. but genericusbxhci now working for 2 ports with 20 MBs speed without kp. although i experience long power off with it. not tested new 1.1.6 version yet. tested that patched lacie driver before - no luck. log fix is not quite thing i need. thanks anyway.
  3. just as i told. it works. but for a while and for a couple of ports x79 hosts its own ports, and they are working perfectly. so three asm1042's are able to work, but driver needs a fix. small update: tested drivers from CalDigit, LaCie, Oyen Digital. i've had to inject their id's through dsdt to use latest versions from official sites. by the way there's no asmedia devices in dsdt except hub-connected one and i've added them manually. and with all drivers only two ports are working also. interesting thing is that works only one chip declared by myself in dsdt. not the second equal, not hub-connected, but exactly that one. CalDigit - panic after a ~minute; LaCie - no panic, but a logageddon happens no big deal. read speed 15-20 MBps, write speed almost the same (blackmagic disk speed test). Oyen Digital - no panic.. yet, no log flood. read speed ~20, write speed ~50. i use it as a solution for the first time. in earlier time i've tested driver from Highpoint (that was before dsdt fix, since kext has my id's). nothing works. only few empty strings in system profiler. maybe I spent little time on tests of it. probably i'll return to them soon. much smaller update: finally got working GenericUSBXHCI without kp. not known how long it will work like that.. likely a kind of mysterious coincidence. although i've made dumps with corresponding tool. +screens. +new ioreg data. (here first six buses, 3 hi+3 super, are belong to this kext) thanks for attention. xhcdumps.zip 130518000428.BMP 130518000437.BMP 130518000442.BMP 130518000501.BMP ioreg_18-05-2013.zip
  4. kavabanga :3

  5. hello! great work indeed. but on my system i experience some problems. when i use the latest kext, only 2 ports of my 6 rear ports are working. at least my usb 3.0 corsair survivor recognized and mounted. "that's fine" i thought. and as i read in first post there is kernel flag for this case ("-gux_defer_usb2"). although i could be wrong. i tried to load with it and get kernel panic with some blah-blah usb reasons. but now even when i not use this flag i also get kp. not always at boot screen but a few moments later on desktop. i looked for "bios setting to route these ports to xhci" and found some "use legacy usb 3.0" stuff. three options: yes, no, auto. on the right side of bios screen (info) i see some about "xhci" when this menu is selected. this is the only place in bios configuration, where i see something relevant. i'll post screenshots later if necessary. changing this not affects behavior at all - kp anyway. i wish i could post xhc dumps.. so i could not because of kp. however i have a bunch of dumps from aida64. may be it will help. + attach my dsdt with fixes (native wlan, sata, removed unnecessary ps\2 things). + io registry explorer data thank you! dumps.zip dsdt.aml.zip ioregistry.zip
  6. N-X

    [BOOT-132] Legacy AppleHDA

    the same error.. may be i've not explained right in my pure english..
  7. N-X

    [BOOT-132] Legacy AppleHDA

    with Legacy's from this topic i've some errors while booting OS. Sound assertion - bla-bla-bla it delays booting.. but while using my hack-mac it works fine.. here's my codec dump from ubuntu 8.10 (x64) and ioreg ps. on my p5q pro - alc888 codec_dump.txt ioreg.txt
  8. N-X

    Acer Laptop users (Intel).

    Hi 2 all. I've a problem with my nb Acer Aspire 5520G. Specs (via Everest): CPU - AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-60 MB - Acer Aspire 5520 Parts of MB - nVIDIA nForce 7000M-610M (mcp 67), AMD Hammer (Bridges?) Ram - 2048mb HDD - WDC WD2500BEVS-22UST0 ATA Device (250GB) Video - nVidia 8600M GS so, when i try to install leo - it's booting, then it's time to choose where i want to install hack, but there is no drives (in iPC Hack there only cd drive)! let's go to disk utility here is my hdd (i can see my hdd only in first build leo4all and iPC) i try to format it in HFS+ (Journaled) it trying to create map of hdd or volume, then pc stucks... i don't know what to do, i tried all builds of leo...no result.. via diskpart i have made a volume HFS+, in disk utility it works, but i cant install on it, there is no choice for this volume... sry, for my bad english. Thanks.
  9. N-X

    Quick Noob Question

  10. N-X

    Драйвер для Nvidia 280GTX 1Gb

    запарился уже ждать. думал хоть в 10.5.6 будут... может они там и есть, но по крайней мере не придумал как завести QE/CI. да и с последними видеодровами окна перемешиваются при перемещении...
  11. i don't know if dubling of threads is necessary.. http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...31184&st=80
  12. i've just learned that on other pc's the pointer moves very fast (almost opposite mine) on my friend's pc after installation there's no darwin bootprompt, instead of it "Boot0:mbr boot:done". i'm attachin' his CPUz log... what checkboxes do you recomend to choose for installation? cpuz.zip
  13. you can get "\private\var\log\install.log" using MacDrive (MS Windows) or other tool to access data on HFS+ (Windows must show hidden files).
  14. hmm.. i've booted into system with the -x flag, but my PS2 keyboard didn't work. ---- ok, i'll try.
  15. that's ok. i've edited .plist already. but mac os does't boot! it posts an error like in iDeneb (all versions) NTFS driver 2.0 [Flags: R/O] NTFS volume name System, version 3.1. May 13 09:40:55 localhost mds[26]: (/.Spotlight-V100/Store-V1/Stores/464EF822-B79A-492C-B364-4A62C95F119A)(Error) IndexCI in ContentIndexOpenBulk:No index NTFS volume name Big_shaMan, version 3.1. NTFS volume name Audio, version 3.1. May 13 09:40:57 localhost /usr/sbin/ocspd[74]: starting and it freezes.. (don't pay attention on the date, it's not right ) there's some extra messages i can't remember. i'll better attach my system.log system.zip install.zip