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  1. Successfully upgraded from 10.14.1 to 10.14.2 today! Important notes: 1. You will need an external mouse because touchpad will not work right after the update! 2. You have to recreate kernel cache sudo rm -rf /System/Library/Caches/com.apple.kext.caches/Startup/kernelcache sudo rm -rf /System/Library/PrelinkedKernels/prelinkedkernel sudo touch /System/Library/Extensions && sudo kextcache -u /
  2. Literally in Tutorial_10.14.md Post install section:
  3. I have no problem at all. It is like a real trackpad, every gestures work without issue (even pinch-to-zoom). Never used 3 finger drag
  4. I want to report that yesterday I successfully installed macOS 10.14.1 from 10.14 GIT. I performed a clean install, using CLOVER 4741. I want to confirm that you can use this branch, I managed to boot into the system without any issue. After that I updated almost all the kexts (except nullethernet) and everything working as expected.
  5. Hope the new 1.9.0 System BIOS won't break it
  6. There is a security update for 12.6, 13.6, 14 rolling out today. Some changes that can harm the update process: source: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT209193 if you're brave enough, try it
  7. hmmm... interesting. So after you choose ESP option, can you select your OS partition with the "Change Install location" button? pic You followed the tutorial correctly right? Especially this part: "If you want to multiboot with Windows 10, then you'll have to create a second partition, too (also HFS! Dont use FAT or it will not boot! You have to reformat it when installing Windows)."
  8. Try to mount it with CloverConfigurator. wmchris's repo contains it in /Additional/Tools/
  9. well.... the problem is in my side i guess.... when 14.1 come out I will do a clean install to solve my issue
  10. I've moved to VoodooI2C with no problem (v2.1.4). I can feel the tracking is smooth but scrolling is still choppy. Maybe because the 4k screen? And another question: - I've never had this feature but - while I scrolling I don't have the inertia effect (bounces if I reach the end). Is it normal or am I missing something? btw thanks @alex.daoud for this amazing work!
  11. Well... there is an other System BIOS uptade package released on 5th october. Link Strange because the version number is the same (1.8.0).
  12. There is a 10.14 branch https://github.com/wmchris/DellXPS15-9550-OSX/tree/10.14
  13. Thank You for your hard work! I will try it as soon as possible! Many Thanks again!
  14. Let me know if you find any solution for the trackpad. I2C is unreliable yet
  15. Well thats weird. Not so long ago I had no sound too. All I had to do to purge all the audio-related files and configurations (you can find them inside the installation scripts here: DellXPS15-9550-OSX/10.13/Post-Install/Additional Steps/Audio/ ) then I installed the VerbStub version manually (again, open the script). For the mic issue, I have no info, I disabled the mic in the BIOS settings