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  1. DELL x86 forum..

    No luck here, I've tried iAtkos and Kalyway, various versions and cannot get it to boot outside of safe mode.
  2. Kernal Panic? Nvidia related?

    I'll have another crack at some point... I'm a little sick of it at the moment. I'll post here if I have any success in the future.
  3. Kernal Panic? Nvidia related?

    Yeah, sorry, I need to pay attention, didn't read your post properly... Good luck with the install.
  4. Kernal Panic? Nvidia related?

    I've got Kalyway 10.5.1 on CD, and the combo updater. Can't get 10.5.1 to boot, but can use the combo updater on my iAtkos install... Either way, still can't get in without safe mode. Do you have the link you used for Kalyway 10.5.2 and the install options used?
  5. Kernal Panic? Nvidia related?

    Well I've tried a couple more shots at different versions of iAtkos and Kalyway, still can't get into the OS without safe mode... Search continues.
  6. Hey. I've got the 2 x 256 mb nVIDIA GeForce 8700M GT cards. Is that enough detail?
  7. Any reports on how this plays with the M1730? Edit: Ok, in my case it still doesn't get me around the video card issues I've got. Oh well.
  8. Kernal Panic? Nvidia related?

    And here's my story... XPS 1730 2xGeForce 8700M GT (256 mb) Core 2 Duo T9300 Have tried iAtkos and Kalyway. Furtherest I've got with Kalyway is the registration screen on the first boot after install, it freezes at the point where it starts to set up the user account (after getting registration info). But it only gets that far on the safe mode boot (-x). With iAtkos I can get right into the desktop, but only on safe mode. Problem appears to be with the graphics card. I've tried various forms of NVInject and NVKtexts as well as the Leopard Graphics Update. None allow me to boot without the -x option, and in fact after installing some I can't even get in with the -x option (stops at about the gfx driver step and tells me I need to hold down the power button to reboot). OzOSX86, I'll be keen to hear what works for you... Oz, Aust? Wonder if there's something different about the units downunder.... I'm NZ.