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    ATI HD4850/4870

    Hi there, the drivers for hackintosh machines are developed from apple made existing drivers. We will have to wait until those drivers are released. Apple said they would soon use these two graphic cards, but did not say when. So be patient!!
  2. gartzen

    Drivers for ATI HD4870?

    Has anyone made work this new card? Thnx!
  3. Hi! I've been using mac osx86 for a while. I started with 10.4.3, and have been updating since then. I started using it in a 17'' monitor, and the 1280x1024 screen resolution worked fine after forcing it (apple.Boot.plisy stuff). But I have a new monitor now, 19'' wide monitor, and it's quite rare to work with it at 1280x1024. I've been searching through the forum, but I have not been able to find anything useful. Can some-one help me getting the 1440x900 screen resolution? Thanks.
  4. OK, thanks. I solved it using this post: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...amp;hl=callisto
  5. funny... Which ones? I haven't found nothing for the radeon x600...
  6. gartzen

    Missing Resolution 1440x900

    Same problem here, does anyboday know?? Please...
  7. Hi! I recently installed 10.4.6, and I used the same method I used with 10.4.3 and 10.4.5 to change the screen resolution (sudo pico ... com.apple.Boot.plist and add the Graphics Mode into desired), but it did not work. Someone knows how to change it? Thanks!
  8. gartzen

    Iwork installation doesn´t work

    I installed iWork 06 on 10.4.3 and on 10.4.5, and worked fine. No problems.
  9. Here's explained how. It's easy. And it works on my hackintosh!! http://timmargh.net/2005/12/control_front_...ng_a_mobile.php
  10. Some who has an original xskey could make a torrent of it's files, or something, to see if someone can crack logic, or something....
  11. I installed from the 10.4.4/5 bootable DVD, and it works fine. I've got dual boot, sound, and front row too!
  12. gartzen

    10.4.5 Graphic problems

    I installed 10.4.5, and the mouse clicks leave many graphic glitches around the screen... Someone knows how to solve this? Thanks!
  13. Hi! A friend of mine bought an iMac with an intel core duo, and he left me the installation DVDs (10.4.4). But when I try to install it, OS X tells me to reboot my computer. But when I reboot it the installer does not open, it loads normally in OS X (10.4.3). And the question is: is there any way to install 10.4.4 from the DVDs that come with the MacIntels in a non Mac system? (I mean a Pentium based PC). Thanks!!
  14. gartzen

    New ATI Drivers

    hi! Well, I had no problems with the installation of the new drivers. It workes using the instructions in post Nº2 of this thread. And it works fine, the glitches have disappeared (I have seen none since I installed the new drivers). But the thing is that Dashboard and Expose run now a bit slower. Before I saw a smooth animation on both cases, and with the new drivers it's quite slower. If someone knows how to solve this... Or make it work better.... Thanks.
  15. gartzen

    [question] Installing 10.4.4

    Sorry! I looked through the wiki and I didn't see nothing related to it. May be I should have looked better. I'm really sorry. Thanks, anyway... Peace.
  16. gartzen

    Low Quality Screenshots

    I've been taking some shots of OSX installed on my PC, and I've seen that the quality of this screenshots is quite lower than the ones I take in windows. Here's an example, compare between the two pics. Windows Shot OS X 10.4.3 Shot I'm using an ATI X600 P-IV 3GHz 2Gb RAM I hope someone can help....
  17. gartzen

    Low Quality Screenshots

    The truth is I tried with a lot of formats, seeing that the best shots are with the PNG format, and the shots are like the one I showed above...