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  1. Hello there, Yesterday I took some time to reinstall OSX (Leo4All, 10.5.2) on my new system. After some hours of tinkering, everything works like a charm - except for this little bug. After opening the System Preferences, if i select an item, and use the "<" (backwards button, on the top left inside the window), the whole desktop crashes. It just stops responding. MP3s and sound and still plays, so the system per se does not crash, just the desktop does. If i just close the window and reopen it instead of using the backwards button, it works fine. It's not critical or anything near it, but, out of curiosity, has anyone heard of that behavior? So long, docd
  2. I can confirm this. After having the network droppings myself, and nothing that i tried helped, i invested 28 bucks for the Apple USB Ethernet adapter. I had to download an external driver for that thing as osx didn't reognize it by itself. But i havn't had anymore doppings so far. The largest amount of data i transferred in one session was somwhere around 50 gigabyte. Before, the droppings took place like after 250 - 400 megabytes transferred. So if you can afford to buy an usb ethernet adaptor, do so and the droppings should go away. Oh and by the way: there are boot camp drivers for that Apple thing, and it works like a charm under windows as well. so long, docd EDIT: it also works under 10.5.3 (Kaly).
  3. Kalyway Boot Problem

    hello, i once had the blinking cursor issue myself, the hard disk was formatted as MBR. after successfull installation and reboot i just had a blinking cursor when the bootloader was supposed to come up (no b0 error). the solution to this problem was that my target drive for the os was named "mein mac". i then saw in the installation log that the script for activating the partition had troubles mounting and unmounting that partition because the name consisted of two words. after changing the partition name to "macos" (you can use anything as long as it is one word) installing went fine, and the script did not mention some problems with unmounting. the computer rebooted and the bootloader showed up. see if this will work for you, good luck docd
  4. Hi there, don't know if this has been covered here already, but for the ppl who have a blinking cursor after flat installation (the bootloader doesn't come up even though the correct efi ist installed, in my case mbr) i found a solution. it seems that the script for setting the active partition has problems if the partition it's installed on has two or more words in it: for instance if your disk is named "My Mac" try erasing the partition and rename it to something like "MacOS" so it consists of one word. after that try reinstalling. after the reboot the bootloader should come up. so long guys
  5. Hello there! First of all, thank you for your good work, Bronya! But I have a problem now, and I cannot figure out what's going on. The drivers worked fine on 10.4.8. I then upgraded to 10.4.9 and then 10.4.10, with 10.4.10 kernel. After the upgrade, i had the following problem: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=54131 (Graphics were corrupted under wow.) I then installed the 10.4.10 driver from the first page (the installer file). After that I had no more OpenGL support. System Profiler says that I have QE/CI support, but if I open up WoW or Google Earth or anything else that uses OpenGL (even the screensaver!) the area where the graphic should be stays black or white, and theres no graphics. Any Idea would be appreciated! So long, docd Edit: Graphics Card is an x1950pro
  6. 10.4.10 Upgrade Sucessful

    I can confirm that it works. I updated from 10.4.8 (Jas), still using that kernel. "About this Mac" says it's 10.4.10. I had the a problem though: the machine rebooted directly after installing the upgrade. Of course, macos crashed on bootup. Had to put in the install disc to start up the terminal in the installation program. Copied the .kexts and the old kernel. Rebooted, Bootup-screen. The machine was working a while, and then rebootet itself. Bootup again, MacOS loaded up, version 10.4.10. Thanks for the guide.