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  1. Anyone out there with older kit who was considering trying Lion? Go for it ! You'll be surprised what you can get away with. I'm running a very old Gigabyte board (GAP31-DS3L) (Socket 775 mobo) with a C2D processor, 4G RAM and NVidia 8800GT video card. I've been running Leopard and then Snow Leopard as my main OS for 2 years but had found Snow Leo gave me a few probs (particularly with the last few updates) so using a 2nd HDD as a safety precaution I tried installing Lion last weekend. I installed using the Tonymac method - update to latest Chimera bootloader - XMover to prep my installer (although I used a USB stick rather than a separate HDD partition.) - Install and then run [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] to make the Lion disk bootable. It was soooo easy I was gobsmacked! I have Lion working with QE/CI on the graphics (just from "graphicsenabler=y") LAN working with the drivers provided on [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] and sound (at the minute just with Voodoo but confident that I should get proper ALC888 support with some more time to tweak my DSDT file). I used my Snow Leo DSDT since my board is too old to be supported by DSDT Auto-patcher or to be found in any of the libraries of pre-edited DSDT files. I had spend a lot of time previously hand editing my DSDT in Snow Leo and had managed to get all the obvious fixes in and even to eliminate every compilation warning so it was pretty solid. Whether this made a big difference to my smooth install or not, I don't know but the only things in my Lion E/E are the DSDT file and Fakesmc, in S/L/E the only addition has been VoodooHDA. Even the MacStore worked first time for me accepting my old iTunes account details and letting me DL Stuffit Expander and a few other Utils straight away. Soooo - Another non-event in many ways. Lion installs on old Intel/NVidia kit - Big deal! Well, the fact that it runs and runs well on 4-5 year old kit, giving an even more vanilla install than I had under Snow Leo may surprise some and encourage them to give it a go too. Huge thanks to TonyMac, Macman and all those involved in Chimera, [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url], xMove and all the enhancements to Chameleon over the last couple of years. That you have taken running OSX from being a bit of a "tech-guru hack-fest" to being so extremely straightforward amazes me and always makes me smile each time my "Hack" boots into life. Thanks too to all InsanelyMac users who held my hand (virtually) through previous installs and helped me gain the little knowledge and confidence I now have to try things for myself. Winblows (Bleughhh) - Even when it goes wrong this is still so much more fun !!!
  2. ASUS 1001HA Simple Guide (Everything is working)

    Lolo Glad to have you onboard. I have only tried running an extended desktop so wasn't aware of the problem. Having said that - it does seem to be a common issue for most netbooks using GMA950 graphics. Search here on IM and see if anyone else has cracked it. Re: Wireless - if you have any niggles I can recommend the broadcom swap-over. I got a DELL1397 for around £6 on eBay and it now appears as an Airport. The swap-over is straightforward enough. Search on youtube and there are several demo's. Hardest bit was carefully prising up the keyboard (nerve-wracking rather than difficult) and then carefully prising apart the two halves of the case. Other than that it's all small star-head screwdriver work with just a couple of ribbon cables to remove to get down to where the wireless card is plugged in. One time pain - long term gain BUT the 1397 is a 802.11g card rather than the standard 802.11n one you'll be pulling out. A little more cash and you can get a broadcom n spec card which will be recognised as a native Airport Extreme. Good Luck!
  3. ASUS 1001HA Simple Guide (Everything is working)

    I second MightyCrown's suggestion re graphics drivers. Once they are installed (or-reinstalled) I've never had an issue with wake from sleep and the sleeping (rather than deep-sleeping) never fails to impress my real Mac-using buddies. I wonder, if we're trying to fully sort the 1001HA whether there are any of the active members on the 1005 threads who might be worth a shout-out. Anything I can see say's the hardware (certainly for all core compnents) is identical. The active 1005 threads all seem to be using Maceee's MyHack based install (as MC is currently using). Working on the basis that a couple of extra pairs of skilled hackintosher's are always useful to have onboard (even just for testing of our revised method) - perhaps we can all trawl a little more widely through the other threads and see if any other active members can be encouraged to assist? Just a thought...
  4. ASUS 1001HA Simple Guide (Everything is working)

    Yep - Sounds like a better option. Funny thing - I tried MyHack too (following the Maceee guide for 1005HA) because I thought it was cleaner and gave you greater control over the finished installation (ie you had to know to patch ther kernel etc when updating but at least your kexts weren't forced back to NBI's generic loadout and you could update Chameleon for yourself.) But I found that using MyHack, while the OSX installer always finished cleanly (it always got to the "install failed" message anyway - which I've yet to see once on NBI) and I could boot off the USB into the new install to set up the account, I could never subsequently get Cham to boot off the HDD itself (always went to a solid white screen). And after the first white screen even booting off the USB couldn't get me back in. 4 attempts at installing in 2 days had me itching to get back to NBI and the recovery=y option. You seem to be making some great progress anyway so I'm happy to let you bottom out the whole c/p states thing and then I'll certainly help re-write the guide to your instructions for either installer. Good Luck
  5. ASUS 1001HA Simple Guide (Everything is working)

    MightyCrown I just got my dual-boot back so I've chilled out a bit from last night. Can you please confirm how exactly you installed the Chameleon RC5 and whether you changed anything else before re-booting. Based on BMKX comments I should have been fine following his instructions but, as best I can explain it, when I rebooted (FakeSMC now in S/L/E as per your earlier instructions) I got in to OSX but it was as if none of my other kexts in E/GE had been detected hence I lost PS2 keyboard / trackpad, Airport (no 80211 kext) no battery monitor (my DSDT not picked up). etc etc. I can't understand why this would have happened Is there a Cham configuration file anywhere which details the paths to look for additional kexts at start-up? I hope there is something obvious I can try but with 1 hr-2hrs work to recover from the mess, I don't want to get it wrong again. Even if I play it cautious now and wait for the next NBI release, my offer to write up a revised guide for you still stands. Let me know if you have any changes you want to make at this stage or if you want some more time to perfect your setup before revising again. Thanks - b45 PS - Have you found any documentation anywhere on how Meklorts new Chameleon works? Even if its buried in a long thread somewhere, I really want to start learning a bit about it. The voodooproject forum and SVN repo show that everything is very active but the various threads are high on technical discussions and light on any explanation of how it all hangs together.....
  6. ASUS 1001HA Simple Guide (Everything is working)

    Bmkx thanks for the files. I'll take a look at them later. At first glance your DSDT file appears to be very different from mine. Did you spend a long time tweaking it? I wonder if you could explain how you did your initial install of Snow Leopard. As you know, NBI uses a general extensions folder inside Extra. I presume the NBI version of Chameleon looks for this. Trying to think about what went wrong last night, it was as if the new Meklort Chameleon only checked Extra and so found no kexts or mkext file to pull in. I may now just wait for the new NBI to emerge. While I have OSX back, last night has buggered up my Win7 partition and while I suspect I just need to repair the windows bootsector, I am getting tired of going round and round this particular circle. I'd like to just have a working netbook for a while before I worry about squeezing out a little more life from my battery. I'm still happy to prepare a revised installation guide if MCG can figure it out and will keep checking this thread to see what progress has been made. Thanks
  7. ASUS 1001HA Simple Guide (Everything is working)

    Bmkx / MightyCrownG Now I'm feeling confused and inadequate...... I installed the new Chameleon as per bmkx instructions. On rebooting I had lost my mouse / keyboard / Airport card / and a shed load of other things (including my battery monitor and custom keyboard. And to add insult to injury - having checked that "system type 2" and "c-state/p-state" lines were in my com.apple.boot.plist (the one inside my Extra folder) I could only get CPU-i to show my netbook running at the 12x multiplier. I tried running NBI's Update extra's (figured somehow I had lost all my custom kexts) and after it completed, I did a permissions repair. It made no difference. Sorry if this is another noob mistake but ; 1: WTF did I do wrong now? 2: What do I use to confirm when c-states & p-states are working properly? Fortunately since I have a spare USB keyboard and mouse I was able to get in and re-install Chameleon from NBI Installer. One reboot later and I'm fully functional again and CPU-i seems to be showing me flicking between 12, 6 and 10 x multiplers. I'm seriously confused here guys! What do I need to do once I install the new Chameleon?? Trust you will continue to grant me a fools pardon and keep helping me out. If so, as a public servant and hence a creator of many,many, many documents, I promise to write the nicest guide you've ever seen for this whole process. It's late and I need to get to bed. Catch you soon. baldrick45
  8. ASUS 1001HA Simple Guide (Everything is working)

    MightCrownG I'm happy to help revise the guide and unlike bmkx, I'm no coder but I don't mind typing up a revised guide. Can I suggest that if you, with his help, can figure out an optimal Chameleon set-up and set of kexts, I'm happy to convert that into step by step instructions. Meklort's blog now has him announcing he is working on a new NBI incorporating all of the Chameleon developments. He offered to post a beta if there was enough interest and I posted that I would like this. Perhaps if we work on this trying to sort out a "best" install we might find we get his beta to simplify the end result and keep it as noob friendly as possible. Sound like a plan?
  9. ASUS 1001HA Simple Guide (Everything is working)

    bmkx Can I ask you a few questions please. You are obviously far beyond my "amateur" status at this hackintoshing game.... I have been using MightyCrownG's guide and NBI to install Snow on my 2Gig 1001HA. I tried using MyHack a few times without success and while NBI can be a pain when you run an update, it let me get a working 10.6.4 install (apart from native power management). You will see from my exchanges with MCG that I have been trying to tweak my DSDT (without great success so far) to get working p-states. I had held back from updating to any of the newer Cham RC5 branches since I was wary of breaking my install or having NBI break it once the 10.6.5 update is released. (It has taken about 7-8 re-installs to get me to this point - noobish I know, but little by little I'm learning) So... In simple terms, can you talk me through what I need to do to get from my current NBI install to a working NPM install without breaking too much (Although if you have a better install method that will sort everything more completely, then I could be persuaded to go round the circle one more time!). I see Meklort is talking about possibly releasing a beta of the new NBI fairly soon. Should I just wait for this or is it a relatively safe update even now? If I can go for it, can you set out exactly what build you are using for Chameleon. Did you compile it for yourself or pick up a binary from somewhere? If pre-compiled where did you get it from? Also, what are the additional strings I need to add to my plist to get the new Cham to work for me and can you confirm if this is with or without declared p-states/c-states in my DSDT.aml? Hope this doesn't all sound too stupid. Working NPM is something lots of people have posted about and yet it is really hard to find a guide which is accessible to a low-grade hackintosher like myself. Thanks for sharing your progress with us on this board. NPM and a better battery life is, for me, the last piece of the puzzle and once sorted, I can just get on with using the netbook and enjoying it. Thanks - baldrick45
  10. ASUS 1001HA Simple Guide (Everything is working)

    MightyCrownG Will look at this when I get home tonight. my work PC won't let me access your Extra file but I'm really pleased to hear about your progress. I presume that the Smbios.pllist makes OSX think its a Macbook and activate power management. After that, have you manually tweaked the DSDT to get the p-states set correctly? Just wondering so that I can be sure to cut-n-paste the right bits into my DSDT since it is working very well for everything else in my 2Gig setup. Thanks again. Once I have my netbook runing the PM smoothly, I'll try lookinging into the c-states too. Perhaps I can return some of your hard work to-date. Guess that's another few beers we all owe you..........
  11. ASUS 1001HA Simple Guide (Everything is working)

    MightycrownG Thanks for the feedback. I will try what you say but my tinkering has been derailed for a few days. My Win7 dual boot picked up the Aleuron.h rootkit. In trying to remove it the Win 7 installation got wrecked. In trying to repair, that the MBR for the Snow Leo partition got damaged and even booting off my USB installer stick Chameleon would fall over half way through loading, even on recovery=y. Sooo - Nuclear option it was and I'm now back to a 10.6.4 desktop with a non-working sleep again.... If this happens again I'll be abandoning dual booting but there are a couple of pieces of presentation software I need to run under winblows and I need every bit of speed the Atom can provide... (But what's the bets when I get around to looking at speedstep again that my CPU multiplier is back locked at x12??) Re: My dsdt. It hasn't changed yet from the version I posted for Kyteflyer about 2 weeks ago (Page 2 of this thread) You're more than welcome to look at it and use is anyway you want. Thanks for all the groundwork you put in to this thread. It really is incredible how some kexts just work for one particular system and anyting else will have you tearing your hair out. You have saved every other 1001HA owner weeks and weeks of frustration with your clear instructions and collected kexts. Very, very much appreciated. Baldrick45 PS - If I remove SMBIOSresolver, do I just need to copy an SMBIOS.plist into my Extras folder and run UpdateExtras?
  12. ASUS 1001HA Simple Guide (Everything is working)

    Don't you just love hackintoshes! I have been trying the most obvious Speedstep fixes prior to getting hot and heavy with my DSDT again. I'm not wedded to a "vanilla" system so gave voodoopowermini a rattle over the last few days. Despite making sure nullCPU....kext was also loaded to disable native power management, I couldn't get passed a KP on start-up. So, I then deleted the two offending kexts from S/L/E, ran NBI's extension's update and got a working system back - Well almost.... Sleep is now broken <bugg*r> it sit's there with the screen on and the mouse pointer vanished but goes no further. My beautiful 2-3 seconds to sleep function is stuffed. But even more weird.... CPU-i now reports that the system is flicking between a 12x multiplier and a 6x multiplier <it previously never moved from 12x> which makes me think that one p-state is now working somehow. I had been about to try and switch my model identifier from 1001HA (which I presume it has picked up from SMBIOSResolver.kext) to Macbook 3,1 as some postings suggest that native PM requires the system to identify itself as a Macbook which uses powersaving. I can't see where you over-ride the resolver calculated values as the info.plist already lists only a Mackbook5,1 but system profiler still correctly identifies a 1001HA and Atom processor. Ah well, its been at least a week from I installed OSX, if a re-install of NBI doesn't fix sleep then it's back to the start with a nuclear reformatting as sleep is even more important to me than speedstep. I love OSX86, and I guess it's the nature of so many community developed add-ins that all of the places they hook in and change, and a lot of their detailed configuration settings just never get properly documented but boy is it a pain is the ass. One step forward shouldn't always mean two steps back. Grrrr... It's late and I'm off to bed before I re-install Win7 in disgust. UPDATE:A further re-run of NBI has got sleep working again and CPU-i continues to show a 12x to 6x flicker. I'm hoping that means if I can patch my DSDT then speedstep will know the p-states and CPU voltages it needs to work properly and I'll be sorted. --- Watch this space and keep your fingers crossed ---
  13. ASUS 1001HA Simple Guide (Everything is working)

    Thank-you so much. This is exactly what I need to get me started. I don't mind some effort messing with my DSDT and and if I have any success I'll be sure and post back. Catch you around soon (I hope). baldrick45
  14. ASUS 1001HA Simple Guide (Everything is working)

    Kyteflyer No prob's. I am just interested in fighting out this issue if I can and thought fellow owners might be the most sympathetic to my plea! I now have a Win7 dual-boot set-up on my 1001 which works a treat. It helped that I found a SLIC enabled BIOS which has let me install Asus Win7 Ultimate with factory pre-activation. Win7 is nice and is certainly snappier to use than Vista (although still noticeably slower than XP). I'd say in day-to-day use it feels as fast for email/web/word processing etc as my Core2Duo main box. But then I don't strain things too much anyway. 3-4 browser tabs and an email client at the one time is as demanding as I get..... Good luck with the diabetes kit. I have a nephew suffers badly with diabetes and I know it's much more serious than "it's just a couple of jabs a day". Hope the new bits-and-bobs work perfectly and make your life easier and safer..
  15. ASUS 1001HA Simple Guide (Everything is working)

    No-one is responding to my other thread so please excuse me if I post here among other 1001HA owners. What is your battery life like? My 3-cell 2200mAh battery gives me 2h to 2h15mins. I am pretty sure that's because Speedstep isn't working. If I load CPU-i it is detecting my N270 and reporting 6 possible p-states which it can reach by reducing the clock multiplier from 12 down to 6. But when I go to the status tab which shows what speed your processor is running at at any instant, it never drops below 12. Constant full speed = crappy battery life. According to other postings and other Forums (Fora? - mydellmini for one) using NBI 0.84 RC2 and above (I used the latest 10.6.4 patched version) should just give you a working Speedstep install on a Mini 9 or 10v. I'm guessing that one of the Dell specific kexts or plist files has a line of code or toggles a switch to activate speedstep. But that's just my guess. Any other lucky owners care to report their success (or lack of it) with Speedstep? For me getting up to a 3h battery life would just about finish off my eMac perfectly without having to resort to buying a new 6 cell battery. Hoping someone wiser than me can shed some light on this. Baldrick45 PS - I'd like to stay as close to vanilla as poss with my install but if anyone has had luck using an Apple power disabler kext and VoodooPowerMini then I'd love to hear about that too.