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  1. outoftheboxx10

    Whats your website/forum?

    http://www.yourbigbrothersnotes.com/ free college notes/papers/exams!!!
  2. outoftheboxx10

    Working Wireless (USB and Ralink)

    added note about mac address filtering....just because you have the actual mac address of the adapter that is printed on the hardware does NOT mean that it is the same as what osx uses....seems that osx changed my mac, confused the hell outa me for about an hour
  3. outoftheboxx10

    freeciv port request

    already done....look online, i ported it but no longer have it...runs under x11 but it comiles striaght up once u get all the libraries(use darwin ports)
  4. outoftheboxx10

    10.4.3 broadcom wireless effort

    i also jumped the gun and bought one of the 1450's(should be here next week)...i had been looking for an rt2500 minipci for a while and never browsed across one or just didnt use the right search terms i guess....you wouldnt still happen to have the link or brand of the minipci rt2500 would you?
  5. outoftheboxx10

    10.4.3 broadcom wireless effort

    CAN ANYONE ELSE CONFIRM THIS???!!!?!?!??? if so im off to ebay to buy another broadcom card =x
  6. its not supported....YET...atleast in the ati kexts.....the gma900 works quite nicely =) i have my notebook able to scroll accross a pc monitor to my lcd or an hdtv to my lcd.....not mirroring, 2 separate displays, cant get it to output to all three tho(not that i would need it but it would be fun just to say i can, lol)
  7. outoftheboxx10

    Interesting install problems

    most likely, the HD is removable.....get a notebook hd to regular ide adapter and drop it in another pc and install there, then drop the hd back in the tablet =) or install vmware, and give vmware full controll over the entire HD, and then you'll have a native install from within vmware that once you reboot the pc you can then have fun with mac natively....i have to install all versions this way because the osx install will not install from my sata dvd drive....odd that it can actually burn using it and its fine once its in the os, but it wont install from it
  8. outoftheboxx10

    10.4.3 broadcom wireless effort

    brcm4311kext doesnt work with 4306, nothing shows up in ifconfig, successful load, but no card recognized i guess....not sure
  9. outoftheboxx10

    10.4.3 broadcom wireless effort

    not exactly what any of us were looking for, but thanks...people in here are discussing the new developer seed 10.4.3, not 10.4.1
  10. outoftheboxx10

    Belkin F5D7050

    /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Apple80211.framework/Version/A/Contents/airport that should print a menu with options on control of your wifi card if it is indeed working or you can use iStumbler wich works well with cards that show up as built in ethernet and not as wifi my broadcom chipset driver is loading and not complaining but leaves me in the dark to actually get connected, i would almost go as far as to say wifi is completely broken in the release, nothing to do with our drivers
  11. outoftheboxx10

    10.4.3 broadcom wireless effort

    same experience with mine, only i removed both appleairport kexts as not to interfere...no dice
  12. outoftheboxx10

    10.4.3 VRAM not reporting right

    i had similar problem, only i have the mobile GMA900 and its reporting i have 256mb ram....i SHOULD be limited to 128(according to my manufacturuer spec) but i really like my xbench scores....SOOOOOO much better, over all system of a consitant 90...too bad bc4306 wifi no longer works
  13. outoftheboxx10

    10.4.3 broadcom wireless effort

    would it be possible to make a kext for the card that simply passes all of the calls from the kernel to the old kext and use it similar to the way a dll works in windows? seeing as how the old kext sources only need to be recompiled and not actually modified....i would do this myself but i am unfamiliar with the way OS X works
  14. outoftheboxx10

    10.4.3 broadcom wireless effort

    what if we were to take the old kextload app out of 10.4.1 and try to execute it on 10.4.3? assuming nothing MAJOR has changed, should the os still be able to make the same calls to the kext?
  15. outoftheboxx10

    SSE2 and SSE3 information PLEASE READ

    do a fresh install from one of the patched dev dvds.....it should help out, works better than deadmoo...itunes never worked with the deadmoo for me **edit: also make sure you get the latest patches if you are going to stick with deadmoo** as far as the previous post about pentium M line not supporting sse3.....can't wait for yonah =)