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  1. hey people, it's been a while since i've been around these forums (nice new layout, btw!) and i was wondering if one of you would be so kind to give me a little update what has happened during the last few month. the last installation i tried was 10.4.5 as far as i remember. is there finally a chance to install osx on an athlon64 3000+, 1024MB, ATI Radeon 9600 Pro, Realtek Audio and Network without big problems? the last time i tried it was running really slow, crashing constantly and running at a very low screen resolution with no sound. meanwhile i got myself a 19" Wide TFT so i'd love to know if a 1440x900 resolution is possible at all. sorry for not searching, but these are so many questions and i just thought someone who is around every day could help me out with this. thanks a lot!
  2. thanks for your feedback. i'm not gonna go for another machine. i just got the opportunity to get this one for 190€. i already have my pc at home, we're i installed osx86 a few times, but i don't really wanna mess around with all these hacks and still not getting garage band to work. i just checked ebay USA, a machine like this ends up at about 350$, same price at ebay germany for a single 450 G4...so i guess i'm good with that. oh, one more question...no..two! 1. can i use regular pc100 ram or do i need some special ram? because i still got 1,5GB of that from my old pc. 2. i have a G4 Single 867 at work, with 1,5GB ram...if i upgrade the dual 500 to 1,5GB, would that be comparable? thanks a lot guys!
  3. Hi! I'm planning on buying a used G4 for my home office. Specs: Powermac G4 Dual 500 512MB RAM 60GB HDD Superdrive - How much would that one be worth? thanks!
  4. i just googled him this morning by searching for his name and "blog"...still works, but actually that site we're talking about is now gone... =/
  5. most important thing to say to a NEW mac owner: "you just made a mistake..."
  6. Keyboard issue..

    my osx won't even boot up unless i disable my onboard usb in the bios... in earlier versions it was just my ps/2 mouse, keyboard that didn't work when usb is enabled...
  7. same here with a CRT, i booted up using "graphics mode"="1600x1200" and it only gives me 1280x1024...
  8. we got restore discs when we bought our G4s some time ago...with OS 9.2 on it, those discs could be used as installation discs too...later we bought 10.3 boxed, wich was an actual installation disc... i guess the only difference is that a restore disc comes with your new mac and the installation disc can be purchased without a computer...
  9. are you planning on selling this as a fake-G5?
  10. i'm not sure what this "seed" thing means...but afaik that HAS something to do with developer releases, correct me if i'm wrong...
  11. maybe they just forgot to remove this =) also...there's still no german EULA text... edit: screenshot attached
  12. it's the "It's unpatched so don't bother trying to install it." release...
  13. well, i just got my hands on a copy of this baby, mounted the .dmg on a G4 mac, double-clicked "optional installs" and it says "BETA software" in the EULA...wasn't this supposed to be final?
  14. well, i have to say...i am a graphic designer and i do a lot of my work at home, on a windows xp system...i'm not a huge fan of apple, because i always thought they sell systems which are way slower than a cheap pc (my athlon64, 1024MB, R9600PRO, 450€ blows away our G5 here at the office...) but now that they sell intel-based system i am really interested in buying one. and i don't need a powermac at home, most of the work can easily be done on a computer with the specs of the new imac (unless your job is video-editing...). if the adobe suite was available right now, i would switch. and i guess there's a few more people, like a lot a freelancers. i know a few, and most of them switched to windows some time ago.