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  1. Hello! I have some problem with my Intel HD630 on my Acer Aspire VX5... I have qe/ci but if I enter in an application like Lightroom, or iMovie that requires graphic acceleration, the hackintosh stops responding and its working very slow, what can I do? Everything seems OK, I have qe ci but in applications seems it's very slow and annoying.. What can I do? I have an Acer Aspire VX5, last clover and High Sierra 10.13.3 files Acer Aspire VX5.zip
  2. robi101012981

    Help with nVidia 1050 Ti

    Yes, tried this method but still doesn t work, only intel hd 630... i HAVE AN acer aspire vx15
  3. robi101012981

    Help with nVidia 1050 Ti

    Is this available for a laptop graphic card?
  4. First of all, download the image from here:xxxxxx You need to follow this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BaRayNRMsRQ After following this guide, mount the EFI partiton using Clover Configurator and then copy my Clover folder. After this, you should install the 2 kext using kext wizard from this: https://goo.gl/rZBwX8
  5. Hello! I attached you my clover folder. I don't know what to do, the system it s booting very slow, I tried a lot of patches, but none of them doesn't work... Also, the external screen worked when the update was made, but now it's not working.. I have an Acer Aspire vx15, i7-7770hq, intel hd 630. thanks! CLOVER.zip
  6. robi101012981

    Slow boot, no sound and no brightness slider

    Yes, 4114
  7. Hello! I have successfully installed 10.12.4 and tweaked my config.plist to have QE/CI on my Intel HD 630 but my laptop it's booting very slow, even if I have an SSD.... Also, I don't have sound, I tried, I don't want to use VODOOHDA because microphone it's not working and also it's very buggy...Any suggestions? I attached u my clover folder and my error. Thanks! My laptop it's Acer Aspire VX15, I7-7770HQ, 16 Ram, Intel HD 630+ nVidia Geforce 1050 TI. CLOVER.zip
  8. robi101012981

    Update cause a lot of issues

    So yeah, I should try to figure out myself what it s the problem...
  9. robi101012981

    Update cause a lot of issues

    Still doesn't work ....any ideas what I can do?
  10. robi101012981

    Update cause a lot of issues

    I have 10.12.4. Should I update to 10.12.5?
  11. robi101012981

    Update cause a lot of issues

    And you think it will work? I'll try right now Still slow boot and no brightness slider, and also no sound
  12. robi101012981

    Update cause a lot of issues

    Now I have this and slow booting... it is booting slow, but everything seems very smooth. The only thing that I don't understand is that why my brightness slider disappeared ? Now it's dark and I can't control the brightness of the screen...
  13. robi101012981

    Update cause a lot of issues

    Hello! This are the files that asked me for files.zip
  14. robi101012981

    Update cause a lot of issues

    Hello guys, I have a big problem. On 10.12.0 I don t have any problems, only some minor glitches, but in 10.12.5 I have a lot of issues, graphic card doesn t work, system it s booting very slow...any suggestions? I have an Acer Aspire VX5, i7-7770HQ, Intel HD 620. Thanks,
  15. robi101012981

    Intel HD 630 no QE/CI

    Hello! I finally managed to fix my hackintosh with all thing working, but I have another problem..my LCD illumination it's very low... any suggestions? Thanks!