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  1. hellence

    GMA 4500 driver for Snow Leopard

    i did put the DSDT.aml on the root of the drive, but i'm not using chameleon, I'm using BOOTTHINK with is writen by Chinese, is there any way I can boot DSDT.aml without chameleon? thanks for your replies!
  2. hellence

    GMA 4500 driver for Snow Leopard

    hi,buddy I used your way but the display went black(without backlight) after the grey apple image what I supposed to do? thanks!
  3. hellence

    SOLVED:X4500 Mouse artifact with Native Resolution

    nice try, budy! I'm using a dell latiitude e4300 with a X4500(2a42) like you guys but my OS is WIN7+snow leopard,seems not so popular here I'm just wandering is there anyone with a x4500 on its laptop made it work on snow leopard? thanks
  4. hellence

    HOW TO: 10.4.5 Wireless PCI Networking

    I really puzzeled~is it for DELL xps M1210?i always bet that 1210 is “Intel® PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection”,but as the page of http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.ph...les#XPS_m1210,i was turned here……as i konw no one has figer it out till now,the same as Webcam and Built in card reader…… is there anyone can help? god i hate my poor english……