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  1. pentarch_paladin


  2. pentarch_paladin

    The "Explain your nickname" thread

    I'm named after a Magic card
  3. pentarch_paladin

    Should FF7 be released for PS3?

    They should. FFVII is a game that desperately needs to be remade. I got the opportunity to play a copy a while back... The D-pad is a total pain when you have a Dualshock II, and there were parts of the game that were so buggy I couldn't pass them. I would too. I've been fantasizing how good it would look on a modern system for a while.
  4. pentarch_paladin

    What song are you listening to RIGHT NOW ?

    KURAYAMINUKUMO - The Black Mages
  5. pentarch_paladin

    So you wanna bring Mac OS X to non Apple Hardware...

    Dual booting FTW! Man I wish I had 10.5.
  6. pentarch_paladin

    Introduce Yourself

    Hello everyone, my name's pentarch_paladin. I converted to a Mac about this time last year, and it didn't dissapoint I heard about this board while I was checking my RSS feeds, and decided I'd check it out.
  7. pentarch_paladin

    I got banned

  8. pentarch_paladin

    COD 4 to mac

    That is amazing. I don't have to buy a PS3 to get this game!
  9. pentarch_paladin

    Anything is Possible in Windows...

    That is sweet. I saw a similar one once when I was stumbling.