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  1. Partitioning Advice for < 5 percent windows

    i don't it'll ever be possible to have windows on the same partition as OSX
  2. The Great Driver Hunt

    i may be wrong here, but isn't R300 the 9700??
  3. The Great Driver Hunt

    question: is winXP dependent on having a VGA card, or with proper drivers would it work with a UGA card + Driver?
  4. XP/OSX 10.4.4

    what does your boot.ini look like? did you make the osx partition active?
  5. Atheros Network Drivers

    i'll just post how i got my ar5212 working (163c0013, i think) for 10.4.3. x86. download the 10.4.5 update and get the kext (io80211family.kext) from archive.pax.gz (if i remember correctly). it will only work (for me anyway) if you use the original ionetworkfamily.kext that installed with 10.4.3. put this kext into \system\library\extensions\ . Then in terminal type: sudo -s chmod -R 755 io80211family.kext chown -R root:wheel io80211family.kext then restart and it should just work, set up from system preferences.
  6. EFI booting thread

    i already posted this somewhere else, but has anyone thought of using the intel efi implementation instead of apple's? i.e. get rid of the apple EFI altogether, and replace it with intels? would this allow us to use the CSM from tianocore.
  7. Vista can run on FAT32

    i'm sure some one has already tried this but if not: why not try and get rid of the apple efi implementation all together and use intel's.
  8. Vista can run on FAT32

    oh right. well i have no more ideas... again if you need any help with anything... just tell me i'll do it
  9. Vista can run on FAT32

    hmm i see. oh well! i wish i had something more too add look airman, if there is anything at all i can do to help plz don't hesitate to ask, i'll try my best. o, i have had an idea in my head for sometime, after doing some research on bios. i came across a file that pretty much outlines the CMOS chip and whats stored in it for a pc bios. would it be possible to write a program that simply takes all calls from ntldr and makes it retrieve values from a file containing all the cmos info? sort of like a compatibility layer...
  10. Vista can run on FAT32

    i think its like a device driver kind of like a .dll . that's what i've gathered
  11. Vista can run on FAT32

    hi, i'm a real noob when it comes to this stuff, but i found two interesting kexts in the 10.4.3 installation disc. one whas ntfs.kext, the other msdosfs.kext. i'm guessing that they are responsible for being able to read windows partitions on the dev kit. what i was wondering is this: can these be used/modified so that the efi shell can use them to boot directly into nfts/msdos style partitions, and so perhaps provide udf compatiblity? please don't attack me for this, if its a stupid idea just say
  12. Atheros Network Drivers

    i did the permission thing you said clucas, the first one seems to work (doesn't return a message) but when i do the chown i get all sorts of errors...
  13. Putting XP on an iMac

    hey, i've been following the x86 mac since the developer conference last year. I'm no developer though, i just barely know programming, and i'm definitely no expert on any of these things, but i'd really like to help out. I've managed to get osx 10.4.3 to work on my pc, dual booting with xp, so, basically, my question is: how can i help? i'll learn things, i don't mind, and i can probably obtain copies of any software (i'm quite good at downloading stuff ) thanks, alex
  14. How's this computer?

    get an ATI video card instead
  15. EFI booting thread

    i was wondering, how hard would it be to physically remove the hard drive from an intel imac? if it were possible, couldn't you plug it into a pc (with osx i guess) and repartition it, add grub etc. from there, then install windows on it. I read somewhere that apple's EFI reads FAT partitions, so you could use that in XP. After all that, could you put it back into the imac and (i'm certainly no expert on this stuff, infact i know next to nothing) configure it to boot the grub loader?