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  1. Intel 845

    Well,guys,I could figure out the patch on the dvd.It is Semjaza v1.2 Decrypts.
  2. Intel 845

    Hi guys,I have been trying to install OS X 10.4.6 from a dvd(which I found accidentally) on a intel 845,p4 2.4 GHz,no videocard system.I am not sure of the patch applied on it.But I have been having the following weird problems: 1)If I install OS X on a primary partition which is not active,the mbr of the hfs+ partition is nulled.A valid bootable mbr is written only if the partition is primary and active or if it is a logical partition 2)If I install OS X from vmware on my actual harddisk or on a virtual hard disk,the installation goes smoothly with out any problems but when I try to boot it,I get the error which asks me to reset the system in several languages.I booted in verbose mode and found that it hangs after a kernel panic. 3)If I install OS X natively on my computer,the installation stops midway while installing essential packages and says please try installing again. I am also unsure of the compatibility of 10.4.6 on my system but 10.4.3(10.4.38f111a) was running smoothly witout any problems.Can some one confirm the compatibility of intel 845 mother board with 10.4.6(I didnt find it on the wiki) and if it is compatible,I will give more details on my system configuration so that my mistakes can be pointed out by some one. Thanks guys.
  3. Here is my desktop. People,Can any one help me how to have a trash icon on the desktop and have shortcuts to the folders on the dock??Also I need guidance on the command key.I want use a key as an alternative for the command key(Preferably the windows key). It will also be helpful if some one can tell me how to get the home,pageup,pagedown,end keys working. Thank you
  4. 10.4.3 Help Please!!

    Thanks to all,I have finally got OSX working on my box.I am posting this from OSX.I installed it through vmware on my physical harddisk and am finally triple booting XP,Debian,Tiger through grub.But I still dont understand the errors I got!!
  5. 10.4.3 Help Please!!

    wooh!A reply at last.Thanks for your suggestion.Here is my progress.I tried it at 2.4x on the dvd +RW It didnt work but it has workded on a dvd +R(I mean it crossed the point where it says sam multimedia error.But now I am stuck with another weird problem.I started the installation and went on well till Installing essentials came.It said some /System/Library/Framework/Addressbook blahblahhlah.. file/directory missing and said please try installing again.I tried again but it didnt work I tried installing in vmware booting from the iso image mounted with alcohol and it worked and didnt complain of anything like the nativeone did.So I thought the problem must lie with writing the dvd.But to my surprise when I tried installing in vmware from the dvd,It didnt report of any error!!And it completed the installation and came to the register your apple account screeen. I dont understand what caused this weird thing.Can anyone explain this??
  6. 10.4.3 Help Please!!

    48 Views but no replies!!!I dont understand why.Common people please reply!!!
  7. 10.4.3 Help Please!!

    Hi guys n gals,this is my computer configuration: P4 2.4GHz(no HT) ac97 onboard audio sse3 cpu. I dontexactly know what info to give but i will if you tell me what to give. I used the macosx_10.4.3_8f1111_for_dtk_userdvd.dmg file with the patch file 1111a.Generic.Patch.v4.2b.zip Checked the md5sums they are allright. Burned the iso to a DVD +RW at speed 4x and it said SAM multimedia READ or WRITING failed,Asc=0x11,Ascq=0x00;Disk1s2:I/O error.this message comes several times when I tried it natively When i tried booting the image in vmware,It came to the famous kernel panic,waiting for debugger device thing and finally gave restart in five or so languages. Could any one kindly point out my errors and correctme????????
  8. What kind of an assurance do you expect one to give you??On the other hand I think you can consider the option of upping it through a proxy to rapidshare or megaupload or any such thing than some one's private ftp.
  9. Time (clock) issues

    I had the same problem with my 10.4.1 deadmoo image
  10. Linux Jumps on the EFI Train

    But if elilo can boot linux,cant it boot windows?Sorry if this is foolish bcoz i dont have much idea abt efi
  11. OSX 10.4.4

    All we could do now is to wait and see......But have a look at this http://forum.osx86project.org/index.php?showtopic=7742
  12. OSX 10.4.4

    Good job dude.But why isnt 10.4.4 out to torrents yet??Any ideas abt it?