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  1. Ah well JMufla came about on a School Trip to Tunisia in 1999... It all started with being tired, or at least looking tired... and my apparent similarity with an italian sheep called "il Muflone" or a "Mufla"... Don't ask... It stuck... The J was added because it is the first letter of my name... hence JMufla
  2. JMufla

    New iPods, iTunes, and iTV

    It is, Steve confirmed it in his Keynote Speech. J
  3. JMufla

    New iPods, iTunes, and iTV

    Anybody found a solution for the iTunes by Album view for albums with different artists? I tried putting them in a compilation, renumbering the tracks, adding disc numbers and so far nothing... Any thoughts? I agree with Darwinian Dude... I use my shuffle regularly as a memory stick aswell... no need to carry around two things... Although the new shuffles lokk AMAZING!! TBH the new Nano's haven't convinced me yet... I was never a big fan of the mini's and it looks too much lika a blast from the past... that said, let me go to the applestore tomorrow and check them out... Anyway, great show and can't wait for the "iTV"... Edit: I have found the option in iTunes!! To group all the albums, there is a new field for Album Artists!! Just insert the same Album Artist to group them! Hope this helps!!
  4. JMufla

    Bill Gates, Back to School

    Hmm... Whatever you guys say, the fact that he (Bill Gates) can make fun of himself is very cool!! He's just another geek, probably like most of us here!! Like, can you ever see Steve Jobs making fun of himself?? I don't think so!
  5. JMufla

    Some Flash

    Nice!! Congrats! Abrupt ending of the music thou...
  6. JMufla

    How Much of a Geek are You?

    That's Seymour Cray... Crazy and Genious inventor of the Cray Supercomputer! I got: <a href="http://www.nerdtests.com/ft_cg.php?im"> <img src="http://www.nerdtests.com/images/ft/cg.php?val=0848" alt="My computer geek score is greater than 100% of all people in the world! How do you compare? Click here to find out!"> </a> Hmm... I only put this up after reading that I'm not the only one that scored 100... J PS that includes with significant other and going out partying on Sat night...
  7. JMufla

    Software Piracy

    I agree (at least partly) with a lot of previous posts, but the simple bottom line I personally follow and beleive in is: * If you are testing it, just mucking about with it, eager to learn or simply having fun with it: You shouldn't pay the hundreds of £ or $ that most programs cost. * If you use an app often enough or it is your primary app (eg. Office, or for me OmniGraffle), you have a moral obbligation to buy it. If you can afford it, pay for it. * If you are using it as a productivity tool, that you are actually making money off (ie CS2 or Logic or whatever). You MUST pay for it, if not it is stealing! Not learning!! * If you can afford it (ie shareware or donationware) and you use it regularly (ie Cocktail), you have a moral obbligation to pay, or at least contribute to it. Support independent creativity! I am a programmer, and have been in the business for over 3 Years now... I don't feel that people that want to learn or experiment from my work are stealing, on the contrary... They make me kind of proud... guess you could call it peer recognition... BUT, If you are making money out of anything I have even helped create, you must pay... You have to pay for what you get, simple really... Sorry for the ramble... J
  8. JMufla

    [Random] 9999 Replies

    172 Finally managed to get my printer to work!! Jmufla
  9. JMufla

    Printing Problems!

    Haha!! To anybody who had the same problem that I had, I found out that by holding the option key (alt) while adding a new printer one can select the advanced option. This allows for much more options including windows printing over SAMBA (which prooved to be the solution for me). JMufla EDIT: For anybody interested there is a good amount of help in the printer sticky on Homebrew Macs/Hardware
  10. Hello All, I have a massive problem... and it involves printing on a shared windows printer from my mac... It always worked, until I introduced multiple users in Windows, to more effectively share my data across the LAN. Now, even after having added the permissions on the printer... I can't even see it under my mac... It still works flawlessly under windows, ie other windows computers can print no problem... Any suggestions? Thank you for any help! P.S. there are no firewall issues, the ports are all open and printing worked flawlessly before...
  11. JMufla

    How Apple's Firmware Leapfrogs BIOS PCs

    Thx, nice! Although the author has a few very good points (and I recommend reading his other articles...),he is very partisan... A bit too "pro Apple", If there even is such a thing as being too "pro apple"!!
  12. JMufla

    MAC WI-FI HACK was faked!

    Spot on TinFoil! Also, why is it that no-one is actually publicising this nearly as much as they publicised the "exploit" in the first place? What makes me mad is, as Nonny Moose already said, NO-ONE will actually know that it was flawed in the first place! It will go down in the books as "Macs just as vulnerable as Windows!" Blahhh!! Vent... Anyway... sorry about that, just makes me upset that I've got to go eductate a new generation of mac-haters/doubters about macs... AGAIN! J
  13. Parallels is indeed working on a solution, seems to have to do with 64bit support: The Tiger that ships in the Mac Pro is 10.4.7 build 8K1079 and the kernel is Darwin 8.7.2 (My G4 still has built 8J135 and Kernel Darwin 8.7.0). See this thread on their forum: http://forum.parallels.com/thread3659.html It seems they are frantically working on it... In regards to BootCamp, the latest version 1.1 should have added full Mac Pro support. JMufla
  14. JMufla

    Help Munky get a MacBook Pro!

    Hello Munky, Just thought i'll give this a try to help you with your MBP, and start to get mine! I am now completing the first two offers, I will let you know how I'm doing! Good luck, and wish me luck on my MBP quest!! J
  15. Hi all, Just a thought/question, I have seen in numerous places people actually saying the exact opposite, more heat on your MBP => better dissipation. Less Heat, more stays inside => less dissipation. It seems bizarre though, that Apple would design a machine that would heat up that badly... On the other hand it's bizarre if it's "only" thermal paste. Please confirm that my doubts are due to peer-pressure, not my brain, and that indeed too much paste => less heat dissipation. J PS From my understanding the processor temp is usually taken from the processor, not the heat pipe...