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    Leo4Allv4.1 AMD Released

    Yukon Kid and any friend, I burned 3 DVDs of Leo4all V4.1.1 All can finish installing but not reboot at all: - the one bunred by Nero 4x speed: i have to keep continuous moving the mouse during all the time it was installing for the installer can continuously progess. if stopped move the mouse, installer would stop be processed untill the moust is moved again - the second one burned by Roxio, 4x speed, RAW mode: it can process installing itself, no need to keep the mouse moving, everything in installing step worked smoothly. but after installing, it boot straght into Vista, no boot into MAC partition. seems to be missed Chameleon bootloader, i did install again and make sure checking Bootloader but it still couldn't boot into MAC, go itself to vista - the third one burned by Roxio, 4x speed, uncheck RAW mode: have to keep moving mouse for the installer can continuously run, after finish installing, it boot into Vista again, didn't go to MAC partition, which it had finished installing.
  2. koolboy87

    Leo4Allv4.1 AMD Released

    @ Yukon Kid: Thank's a lot for encouraging me!!! I nearly get there!!! Finally, i found out this version of Hackintosh - the only one can finish installing on my system - but i cannot reboot. i know my mistake were choosing both EFI & NON EFI kernels, didnot patch the ISO and using normal format method in Disk Utility. nvm about them, i will correct that. But before doing it again, i just faced new issue: - do i have to choose the option for MBR partition when formatting the partition? and while my hard disk is already in MBR scheme, i made so in windows - and if i use that - means choosing the hard disk in the left list (NOT just choose the aimed partition and format it to +HFS) -> partition TAB -> choose MBR option and re-partitioning - will it erase all my hard disk? or just re-partition and keep my windows OS in the beginning of the HD? Here is my system: Compaq V3240AU - AMD series CPU: AMD Turion 64X2 TL-52 Chipset: GeForce 6150 Southbridge: nForce 410/430 MCP DVD: IDE HDD: Sata 160GB Western Digital partition1 120GB - Vista Business 64-bit SP1 (really perfect, have been adjusted everyday, don't want to lose) partition2 20GB - want to install Mac OS there partition3 20GB - nothing I will be patient and sleep one more night, wait for helping from all friends here about MBR issue, before get into my MAC and post result here. Thank's all, especially Blasth2 and Yukon Kid
  3. koolboy87

    Leo4Allv4.1 AMD Released

    lol. so funny!!! this is my first to read an issue like this, after my 1-year-trying-installing-mac osx but still not done. i'm quiting and relaxing a little bit to take some fresh air before coming back to my osx-campaign
  4. just flash-press F8 right after the appearing of your laptop logo at the boot times, then evreything will be normal. I found out this resolving by myself 6 months ago, after a couples weeks being crazy with it, posted couple comments around here with pics attached, then finally gave the resolving. but it seemed no one focused on it. actually, it is still not a perfect way of booting, either booting to installer and OS after installing. so i am not so sure if it would cause any problem to the installing camp. regard,
  5. koolboy87

    Leo4Allv4.1 AMD Released

    Please tell me some points: 1.can someone please tell me how to use the Patch file leo4allv4.1.1.PPF 2.does this version work fine for AMD system laptop, with Sata HDD on Nforce 430 chipset, ATA DVD-ROM? I tried to install Hackintosh on my laptop 2 times before. 3 months each time. i burn some dozens of dvds, with up-to-date version, all version, Leopard and Tiger, but i couldnt do at all. All of them can't boot normally for installing, i invented a way that is pushing F8 right after Compaq logo appears sothat i can boot into installer. Then, some disc brought me to could'nt recognize the HDD, some disc, brought me to could'nt finish installing, and only one finished installing but could'nt boot after. They made me so upset and paused trying. Now i come back on Leo4all V4.1, the ISO without patch - i dont know how to patch. First time, it could'nt boot into installer. Next times, it can but i cannot use laptop touchpad, laptop keyboard. even usb keyboard also does not work. I love Mac OS and wanna buy real Mac but have no enough money yet. Please tell me something i can try. Thank to all.
  6. koolboy87

    Hp Laptop Boot fix for Kalyway 10.5.2

    @ robrocks: thx to hearing your issue. i had the exactly same problem with my Presario V3246AU - AMD system on nForce Mobo . i tried to burn even 4 DVD Leo4all V.2, 1 for each Kalyway 10.5.2, Zephyroth 10.5.2, 10.4.8, 10.4.9, 10.4.10. but no any of all has worked for me. have some problem after installing but It is unable to boot with DVD ( above problem) so still cannot to boot into MAC OSX Without DVD when booting, Darwin cannot go far (above problem) Within DVD when booting: Leo4all: stuck '' still waiting for root device " Kalyway, Zephyroth: also stuck, sometimes '' still waiting for root deivice '', sometimes other lines. hope lucky will happen. sorry for my english.
  7. koolboy87

    Leo4Allver2 works!

    LOL. not fully sweet. LEO4ALL V2 on my AMD lappy have been installed successfully but could not restart after installing becauseof hanging on "still waiting for root device". huhu