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  1. kejkz

    i-Bench to test your Mac

    System info Operating system: Mac OS X 10.5.6 (Build 9G55) Model: MacBook (Late 2007) Processor: Intel® Core2 Duo CPU T7500 @ 2.20GHz Frequency: 2.20 GHz Total CPU number: 2 Physical CPU number: 1 Bus frequency: 800 MHz Memory size: 4.00 GB Memory type: 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM Compiled with: GCC 4.2.1 (Apple Inc. build 5564) Tests results Composite result: 3.36 iBench_fp test suite Householder transformation: 3.28 Gaussian blur: 3.43 Mandelbrot set generation: 3.28 Numerical integration: 3.11 JPEG compression: 3.34 LU decomposition: 3.46 Edge detection: 3.78 Fast Fourier Transform: 3.36 Eigenvalue: 3.32 Partial result: 3.37 iBench_int test suite Prime numbers calculation: 3.32 Blowfish cypher: 3.62 Kruskal tree search: 3.01 ZIP compression: 3.59 Integer factorization: 3.26 N Queens problem: 3.62 Maximum Common Divisor: 3.38 Quick sorting: 3.17 Binary searching: 3.19 Bubble sorting: 3.03 MD5 hashing: 3.67 Partial result: 3.34
  2. kejkz

    leo on ext drive

    hm, strange... I had no problems with installing and booting from external WD USB drive. Have you used MBR or GUID partition table?
  3. They have done crazier things in past, everything is possible.
  4. Fantastic news! Maybe u r right about update, it's about time to ditch this granny of mine
  5. Oh no! Now I'll have to buy new processor, mainboard, memory and GPU. Maybe even HD Look what have you done to me Cheers mate, fantastic installation
  6. Hm, nice idea, I'll post my results... update: unfortunatelly, same thing happens... resolution swotches back to 1152x870@75hz, without possibility to select any other...
  7. I've have to report success with 8800gts 320 mb. The main thing for my system was to update to 10.4.10. And to hotplug the monitor of course. Resolution change doesen't work, but this is a good start. Thanx again! I will post my future findings... update: resolution change results in blue screen... it seems that the driver itself is working only with native laptop resolutions, as soon as I select another one, like 1280x1024 at any rate, it leaves me in blue and one question: how can i reset the resolution in osx, except from display utillity? Because now I can't boot even when hotpluging the monitor... i've found out , just removing any NVDAResman.kext and going back to vesa 1024x768 cures my problems
  8. kejkz

    RME HDSP MacOSX (x86) drivers released

    I'll make tests maybe next week, but it should work perfectly.
  9. kejkz

    What`s yours favorite VST ?

    Crystal Synth Amazing for free instrument...
  10. kejkz

    RME Hammerfall Digi9636/52

    Unfortunately, it won't work, there is just hdsp driver, and you have older card....
  11. kejkz

    OSX86 + RME HDSP on NForce3 250 Problem!

    I think that pci to pcmcia controller is the problem, maybe it doesn't get recognized by osx. Try some other, or even better, buy hdsp pci card for your desktop computer, it's the safest and most convenient solution. good luck
  12. It works great! I've just played with it, and no issues whatsoever... for now
  13. I must admit that for the first time in my life am considering buying mac just for audio work... unfortunately, price of apple hardware is still a bit high here, but... who knows, maybe one day
  14. kejkz

    RME HDSP MacOSX (x86) drivers released

    haha great news. I'll try it, but it all worked well even with patch