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  1. borisbadenov ATI X1000-series Solution

    Just an FYI... using the installer worked flawlessly on my Sapphire X1600 AGP 256MB... No artifacts, tearing, etc... everything is beautiful. The only downside is the lack of DVI, but its hard to tell between DVI and VGA on my 19" SyncMaster anyways...
  2. borisbadenov ATI X1000-series Solution

    I keep seeing everyone talk about the x1300 PCI-Express.. but what about the x1300 AGP? I picked one up for $89 because I thought they were supported, but it looks like I was wrong. Should I hold out and hope that something comes up for the x1300, or should I drop the extra $50 and get a PowerColor x1600?
  3. Introduce Yourself

    Hello...I'm Shaun, 24, from Ohio. I too have been into computers and technology for quite a while... Age 7 actually -- starting with an IBM PC/XT 4.77MHz. The words bbs, pascal, quickbasic, clipper, dbase, math co processor, controller card, high density... all words that remind me of my past. Fast forward to now, where I work for a software company that provides point of sale solutions to thousands of retailers in over 60 countries. Most likely the majority of you have had your credit card run through one of our software packages at one time or another. I run OSx86 mainly because of my jealousy of my wife's iBook, or it could be because I like not having to install antivirus/spyware as my first app after a reinstall. Either way, between the eye candy and the stability of unix, I'm quite happy... Cheers!
  4. Well, I'm posting this from Mac OS 10.4.3 on the system listed below... Amazingly enough, I didn't have to do ANYTHING! I simply patched the iso with the JaS 1111a generic v4.2b and did a completely native install to a blank hard drive. Once it booted from the install, everything was configured and working! Thanks for the help guys!
  5. Looks like the 9600 Pro 128MB can be had for $49 -- and should work according to the HCL. Thanks again for all of your help!
  6. I'm 99.9% sure its SSE2 only, so that would make it a Northwood. (I was an AMD only guy until this morning, so I'm not to familiar with all of the cores) On the order of video cards... Is there a large difference between say a 9800SE and a 9800 pro? Obviously there is, but would it be a difference someone like me, a non gamer, would notice? I'll probably go for the cheapest ATI card that I can get, and still be usable...
  7. Thanks for your input guys! Hopefully I'll have the parts tomorrow to give this a go.
  8. Do you have any problems with the ppc based apps running on rosetta? Does your system feel snappy enough for daily use, or just as a "I have OSX running on an intel" novelty?
  9. ...and for a P4 2.53GHz (478pin) / Intel D845PEBT Mobo?
  10. I've already checked theHCL, but didn't see any of my hardware there. The only thing I could tell was that it looks like a similar video card, the MX440SE will work, but with no CI/QE (although I'm not sure what that will mean for me). I was hoping someone who has been in the osx86 game for a while could say whether or not they though the older P4 and Mobo should work or if there is something they are missing that would cause them not to. Thanks!
  11. I have a really good offer from a friend to buy an Intel D845PEBT2 Motherboard and Pentium 4 2.53GHz CPU. I would be running 1GB of DDR333 and a 60gig IDE drive. Right now I've got an nvidia geforce 4 MX440 64MB, but would be in the market for an ATI card obviously. My questions are... 1.) Will this Mobo/CPU combo work? Will it work well? 2.) Will it be faster than a 1.25GHz Mac Mini? (I am considering purchasing one instead of going the OSx86 route) 3.) Will the nvidia card work at all while I wait for the cash to get the ATI card? 4.) Which ATI card should I get? (keeping in mind, the cheaper the better, preferably under $100) I am a hardcore geek, so simply buying a Mac and using it would lose the fun of the challenge, however, I don't want to buy into a losing situation. I have been a VB/C++/.NET developer for several years, but want to try my hands at Objective C on the Mac side of things -- so I want OSX running on something faster than PearPC lol... Any help would be appreciated!