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  1. It's not a simple matter of replacing the kexts in /S/L/E; you also need to repair file permissions as they will be wrong. As such, you need to either use tools that do it for you (eg: kext wizard) or do it manually through Terminal commands: sudo chmod -R 755 /System/Library/Extensions sudo chown -R 0:0 /System/Library/Extensions You may then rebuild you cache manually (sudo kextcache -system-prelinked-kernel) or reboot ignoring cache (i.e. -f flag if using Chameleon). Have done same, but no result. Looks kext, responsible for keyboard, was changed as well.
  2. Try to upgrade to 10.9.5 from working 10.9.4. Have done backup kernel and extentions. Install 10.9.5 update. Reboot with -s - unsuccessful. ok, it should be so Reboot with -s and backup kernel - unsuccessful. ok, go ahead Restore kext according list ( I just needed to replace System.kext, Sandbox.kext, AppleACPIPlatform.kext, IOHIDFamily.kext, IOPCIFamily.kext. ) and reboot with -s -f and backup kernel. I get single user prompt, but could no do nothing, no keyboard ( i use ASUS F3K notebook ) Any suggestion, please.
  3. mach_kernel_10_9_4_rc3 for amd

    What about version for old cpu ( AthlonX2 )?
  4. Have done, but only after revert to rc6 kernel at my old ASUS F3K with AthlonX2
  5. ATI Mobility Radeon X2300 now WORKS CI/QE !

    I have upgraded to 10.5.6 and subj could not work with Qe&CI. Please, could you look at or give any idea how to get it working!!! Thank in advance.
  6. ATI Mobility Radeon X2300 now WORKS CI/QE !

    Thank to Pere!!! Its works for my ASUS F3k
  7. Is it any news how to use subj with AMD64 sse2??? Or any other possibility??
  8. It is written that subj only for Intel and Thanks for sections. But could somebody give explanation what to do with SSE2 for noobies? Sorry, if I miss somethink in topic