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  1. Yep, crossed my mind and if anything goes wrong I have a backup. Maybe I just gotta wait and get the tools I need to make my own door with an acrylic window. Its gonna be some time though now. I just wanted to get the main parts in order (including PC components.) I'm going to go with the Customac Pro build from the 2017 Jan list. Any suggestions for the best components with little problems for install?
  2. Woah?! only Three dollars? Is this site legit? lol Thank you! EDIT: Out of stock =[ I found another site by looking up side door instead of side panel http://www.usedmac.com/products/powermac-g3g4g5-parts/powermac-g5-parts/922-5960-powermac-g5-side-access-door-pre-owned does anyone know how legit these sites are?
  3. Sure did, that was my first guess as to where to find one. I guess im gonna have to get a nice chunk of acrylic or go to my local machining company and have on custom made. boo!!! lol
  4. That made me have a good laugh becuase I've been wanting to move to Germany for so long it started as a kid. Your great haha Another reason to move to germany!
  5. Hello guys, I just got a Power Mac G5 complete desktop and I would love to tear it down and install all new hardware and make the best hackintosh I could possibly create. I removed all the components and decided to keep the drive bay, bluetooth and wifi wires (maybe I'll toss them) and screws (why not!?) The only thing this case is missing is the side panel, its gone and was gone from when I found it, as well as the G5 heat sink cover (damnit!) Does anyone know where I could get a replacement cover or would I have to design and fabricate a cover from scratch? Any help is appreciated of course and I had no idea where to post this question considering all the main forums didn't quiet fit so I apologize in advanced.