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  1. hey folks, i have a p35p2 shuttle with a q9400 and change my hack from 9800gt to a powercolor hd5770 1gb runnig with iatkos l2 without any graphic-injector or stuff like. it´s found as HD 5000 without QE/CI i try and try with chameleonwizard... may someone have an idea what i´m doing wrong greetings
  2. iAtkos L1 is Out

    anyone tried to upadate to 10.7.2 ? does that work???
  3. [GUIDE] Retail OS X on a Shuttle SP35P2

    hey twebbas, could you explain what are the key points for getting a working sp35p2 "snowhack", which distro do you use? or retail? i try different distros but alway kernel panic : ( greetings
  4. iATKOS S3 is released!

    hey folks, problem here sp35p2 (Intel P35 (ICH9R)) after successfull installation i reboot with -v then "Waiting for root device" first i do it like: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...p;showentry=816 then i go with minimal configuration: AsereBLN v1.19, fakesmc, Disabler, RTC [Default], EVO Reboot, JMicron SATA/IDE, Yukon 88E8056 i think now i have permutate every configuration that make sense : ( anyone experienced with p35 installations? greetings
  5. Gigabyte G33M-DS2R + iPC 10.5.6

    hallo, seltsam ich habe das gleiche board den gleichen prozessor(g33m-ds2r/q6600), hab alle einstellungen übernommen, installation läuft rund, aber egal was ich mache beim booten gibt er vor das keine systemdisk vorhanden wäre ... er wirft den fehler aus: system config file"/com.apple.boot.S/Library......m.apple.Boot.plist" not found hab ich was essentielles vergessen??? gruss thearies
  6. ATI/Nvidia/GMA TV Out-Solution

    hey folks, does any ATI X1900 XT card work with the dvi to svideo adapter or only special editions only for mac? greetings
  7. 100% working m-atx boards...?

    ...i upgraded my system with a gf8600gt, give the first monitor the dvi output and the second runs thru vga... no prob this works in following order: GA 33M-DS2R; q6600 2,4ghz; 2gb 667 ram; gf 8600gt 512mb; leo4all v3 vanilla 9.2.2 kernel, alc889 audio from leo4all v3-disk, punk92 nvidia installer 3.0 beta - latest injekt 512mb. sleep makes shutdown and shutdown does not work. lan not tested ...all i can see ...rest is perfekt i like it greetings
  8. 100% working m-atx boards...?

    i haven´t check the gma3100... but my new problem is to setup my xfx gf 8500gt for dualhead use, i need it for a videooutput ??? is a anyone familier with that...may i need a new grafic-card ??? greetings
  9. 100% working m-atx boards...?

    ...hey folks, i´m very happy with my GA 33M-DS2R...i use leo4allv3 with vanilla 9.2.2 kernel and the audio alc889 option that´s all i used from leo4all, after installing the extern NVinjekt 4.1 everything runs, only sleep works now like shutdown and shutdown does not finally end´s the computer...in bios i use ahci mode ...for me it´s no problem i only need it for videono crash till today : )i don´t use my hackintosh for www so no lan was installed...opeeum have a look : http://www.drivecity.de/product_info.php?p...mp;pid=geizhalsgreetings...ups ; i use a gf 8500gt for the hackintosh ; )
  10. MicroATX Build

    have a look... http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=99136
  11. 100% working m-atx boards...?

    i take the Gigabyte GA 33M-DS2R... i hope that all 4core´s of my c2 quad will work out of the box... ...i will report...
  12. 100% working m-atx boards...?

    nice...that´s what i´m looking for...what osx86 are installed on your system, does the vanilla kernel works? greetings thearies
  13. INTEL 82566DM LAN Kext

    hey AXE, i thought about that board DQ 35MP....would you say that your system runs stable, cause i need a system for video liveact environment... greetings thearies
  14. hey folks, after a journey through the land of osx86 i thought it´s no problem to get a 100% working atx board system e.g. i would chosse a gigabyte p35 chipset... but i´m looking for a stable m-atx system... is there anyone who is experienced with that. the HCL show me: INTEL BLKDG31PR or ASUS P5B-VM but maybe someone could tell me a better option greetings