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  1. How do I check if it has the uefi bios?
  2. Hi Thanks for your reply. My keyboard keys are bit wobbly and I will be sending the laptop first to HP warranty service centre to get that fixed. Once I get it back will start on the OSX install, will start another thread on it and hopefully keep getting your expert advice and encouragement. Rgds Yhsay
  3. Hi, I just got gifted this laptop HP Envy 17t-J100 Product Code: E4S81AV Specs: Core i7-4702MQ 2.2Ghz 16TB RAM, 1TB HDD x 2 Intel 4600 GPU Nvidia 750GTM 4GB dedicated graphics Leapmotion Integrated Blue Ray Drive with DVD Writer Wifi, Bluetooth integrated Beats Audio Backlit Keyboard Windows 8.1 OS installed on it I've been using a MacBook Pro for the last 6 years and frankly would like to continue working on OSX, Windows still irritates me I have seen this thread on this laptop, as a complete newbie the whole Hackintosh process for this laptop seems daunting, so wanted to ask if anyone has tried this on the same model as I have and what are the known limitations, from what I read it seems the 750GTM will not work at all which is a shame. Besides that are there any severe limitations, didnt find if Leapmotion which is integrated will work or not. Your feedback will be appreciated. Rgds Yhsay
  4. Broadcom 440X on Dell 9200

    Hey Nick, Can you please help me with the install, or is it too much to ask you now that you are successful with yrs? Please pm me , would really appreciate. Rgds yhsay
  5. Broadcom 440X on Dell 9200

    Hi Nick, Please help and reply back..........!!! Rgds yhsay
  6. Broadcom 440X on Dell 9200

    Hi Nick, Glad to see a fellow Dell 9200 user doing a successful OSX install. I also have the Dell 9200 and want to load OSX, I would really appreciate if you could pm me and help me do this correctly. ( or send me yr email id) Pleeeease help, it will really be appreciated. Rgds Yhsay
  7. Anyone using OSX on Dell 9200

    Anyone ? Please.....
  8. Hi, If there is any guru out here who is successfully running any version of OSX on a Dell Inspiron 9200 laptop, please pm me or email me at yhsay@yahoo.com Rgds yhsay
  9. Dell 9200 Help!

    Hi, I have a Dell Inspiron 9200 1. I downloaded this torrent: and burnt a DVD from it 2. I have a 60GB Drive, C: drive only My Partitions are as follows: NTFS Primary 52.91 GB Used 27.1 Type NTFS FAT16 Primary 47.01 MB Used 7.365MB FAT16 FAT32 Primary 2.926GB Used 2.57GB FAT32 3. Booted using the DVD 4. Got the Apple Splash screen with a round ticker, after @1 min of countdown get a "No Entry" kind of sign and nothing happens. Please suggest if I have to take any steps to get past this intial splash screen. Rgds Yhsay