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  1. iMac Intel Keyboard Quirk

    you should get your answers where the bugs came from, too! take a look at: http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?t...365686&tstart=0
  2. Possible Dev DVD Being Leaked Soon

    already done, the ISO-FS won't even have an Extensions-Folder
  3. Possible Dev DVD Being Leaked Soon

    After trying several types of installation i found a very strange thing. As i suppose to have the correct Devkit-DVD (md5 checked) i wonder why there are so few kext's in /System/Library/Extensions. The most important thing is that there is no AppleTPMACPI.kext, but you will find Rosetta in /usr/libexec/oah. As the Installer needs ATSServer, and as ATSServer is only in PPC-Binary, it should need Rosetta to run. How is Rosetta started off the DVD if there is no TPM-Extension? Correct me if i'm totally wrong, but this shows me that there is another way to start Rosetta TPM-less ???
  4. hi there! i know im new to this forum, but i am very interested in getting osx onto my intel. FYI, i've completed my installation of Darwin 8.0.1 (with 8.1.0 upgrade) on my machine, specs: Celeron 2.66 @ ASUS P4C800-E 1024 MB RAM NVIDIA Quadro 4 Some issues: - can't change the keymap to DE - got framebuffer, but the nvidia kext won't load - inserting a plain Tiger Install-DVD (for ppc) results in not be able to mount it ("permission" denied as ROOT), nor ejecting the dvd - copying the DVD-Files to an iPod works, and i'm able to mount it (connected via USB) As i got some real ppc-machines here i was wondering if the binaries on the ppc-tiger are already universal binaries, so i've checked them using "file". please correct me if this command is unusuable for checking wether the binaries are universal. but for now, all binaries on my iBook (including the iLife '05) are ppc. so, now for my idea: the problem ist that we don't have the x86-bins, just the underlying system. how about the idea of using some parts of pearpc to get the ppc-binaries working with x86-Darwin? as pearpc provides a complete virtual machine it is rather slow, but if someone can rewrite the code we may have something like a kext that would translate the ppc into x86-code. and as darwin is already in native x86, the execution shhould be much faster. would it be possible? Brotproblem PS: sorry for my bad english