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  1. Leg

    Opera 9.0 preview 2

    using Safari last few weeks... it's to logn to wait Opera to load!
  2. Leg

    Logitech Control Center now unibin!

    i have the same problem. just use lcc uninstaller! works for me...
  3. well, actually, it's a great app! but... it doesn't makes those keys to work... and such a question: how to add keyboard shortcut to make iTunes play next/prev song?
  4. I have a Logitech keyboard with non working Media, Play/Pause, Favorites, E-mail and www hotkeys! The only ones that works are Vol.+, Vol.- and Mute. I have tried to install Logitech Control Centre 2.0 but then I have those keys nonfunctional too... And my RX300 mouse have began to ignore any clicks... So, maybe someone konws how to get the interruptions of those keys???
  5. Leg

    Stuffit Unibin

    works great on my system, but can it open 7z (seven zip) files? or maybe there are some 7z unarchivers for mac os x?
  6. everithing must be clear from the topic title and the description... when unarchiving some files with russian (cyrillic) letters in the filename i get something like a japanese hierogliphs there...
  7. Leg

    Keyboard hotkeys

    thank you, but all i need from those keys - is, as i said, Play/Pause! because often while listening to my favorite song (or some new song) for some reasons i have to walk away for a second or to turn off the volume. but at that time song continue playing without my notice...
  8. i use a Logitech Y-SAB59 PS/2 keyboard... there are 10 hotkeys: Media (to launch a media player), Play/Pause, Mute, 2 Volume keys, e-mail key, webcam key, www key, calculator key and F-Lock key... works only 3 of tham: Mute and Vol.Down, Vol.Up... I want only to make Play/Pause to work... Does anybody knows how to make it? or could you point me a keyboard that would have all those functions to work?
  9. Leg

    Office:Mac for OSX86

    i've also installed office 2004, but when i've tryed Pages, i dropped MS Office to trash!
  10. Leg

    Any Unreal Tournament games working?

    well, ok, i've downloaded them, but where should i point that patch??? i don't have any UT installed! it crashes after i enter a sn...
  11. as for ie under mac and under windows - they render pages differently! if some years ago i could nicely surf internet in ie under windows, now i just hate it! even when i developing some web-pages, in explorer thay always looks not in that way i wanted it to be... my favorite browser is Opera... i love it's "right click operations", keyboard shortcuts and speed.
  12. Leg

    Adobe Golive CS2

    what is your system version? i have Photoshop CS2 and InDesign CS2 working WERY slowly on my 10.4.3 system... Dreamweaver is a bit faster... May it be an alternative application for you?
  13. Leg

    Opera 9.0 preview 2

    i don't know why, but last time my opera launches very slowly... at this time it making some hard disk operations. what could it be?
  14. Leg

    Any Unreal Tournament games working?

    i'm using my gma900 video card now, because of iWorks problems etc. But UT installation crashes after i enter my serial...
  15. any links? or maybe i should use PPC versions?