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  1. Simon42

    Apple Keyboard driver for Windows

    Just reinstalled my Win7 x64 from scratch. I had all keys working as they should with BootCamp 3.1 on my previous install but the computer wouldnt wake up from sleep~hibernate and I wanted to correct it when reinstalling. Well it turns out it did everything perfectly until I reinstalled Bootcamp to get full keyboard function (its the wired fullsized one with numpad btw). I went back a restore point and sleep was back to working as it should. I figured out why that was reading posts from Mac owners who couldnt wake their machine after sleep in Windows. Turns out BootCamp interferes and looks for an HFS main partition (that I dont have) when it wake up; so the screen stays blank. I'll investigate other "emulation" options under Windows to get the key functions - in fact I already have before but nothing would open the CD drive from the keyboard under Windows. That function is crucial for me since I'm running a Hackintosh inside a G4 case and I have no other handy way to eject CDs. I wish remapping keys was as simple as under OSX where I use Spark and I got full F-key function on multiple hacks, from EeePc to this Quad Core Intel G4. If you have any tricks for me, please share. And if anyone can figure out how to split the BootCamp package so that the service is still handling the key signals properly but doesnt try to force the Bootcamp side and EFI return from sleep a normal Mac would have that would be awesome. Thanks!
  2. Simon42

    Any Idea with Geforce G210M

    OK I went for my first try tonight... With the BIOS set to compatible, my USB key with 10.6.3 ready on it (latest retail) boots flawlessly and gives me the install menu with visible nVidia acceleration. But I can only install to the USB key where the installer is located. No hard drive possible, not even crossed out... What kext in the Kakewalk install is supposed to give me IDE compatibility? Can it be because I am not using an iAtkos install? I switched it back to Enhanced now; pretty graphics are gone (thanks intel) but I can install on the hard drive... If find a way to make the HD visible in IDE mode, that will be one less step... either way I'll try tomorrow; thanks to anyone who's got a solution.
  3. Simon42

    OSX on ASUS UL30A

    It has been pointed to me that this is not the place to discuss the VT Asus ULs and their nVidia G210s since the discussion here is about the ULs with Intel GMA only. Good luck to them for getting to completely working state... Meanwhile I started a thread about the UL30VT a while ago (http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=200735&pid=1358870&mode=threaded&show=&st=0) and it could certainly be updated with recents results. I got mine a month ago and I'm finally finding the time to try OSX for the first time. I don't think instant switching on "Hybrid" or even on "Optimus" graphics is possible, partly since OSX doesn't support recent Intel GMAs, and partly because the way drivers work in OSX is HYPER-COMPLICATED. Having to manually switch the BIOS won't be a problem for me, and I guess using the info that has been posted in both threads should be enough to get to a nice result... because Windows 7 is already acting up on me.... oh and for those who want to switch the single antenna wifi card in the UL, I already installed a Broadcom (MacBook Pro chipset) just by pulling the previous one out of the hard drive bay.
  4. Simon42

    OSX on ASUS UL30A

    The GMA4500 will never work I think. Even the New "HD Graphics" Intel GPU doesn't work yet even though it's present in the new MBPs. Support for switching is also dreamland stuff, even Linux doesn't have it. I'm asking about the NVidia option because people there seem to have done it: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...t&p=1408590 What battery have you got in your UL30 (what color is it?). Patience doesn't go well with Asus' philosophy: outing new laptops every 4 months (see UL30-JT). Their prices are not good unless one is out for the high tech solution with a good GPU in a small package. If it is not usable, Acer makes cheaper-smaller laptops...
  5. Simon42

    OSX on ASUS UL30A

    Why is everyone focussing on the unsupported Intel GMA when at least a few successes with the nVidia card have been reported on the VT. Running OS X without full graphics functionality is not appealing to me, in fact I'd rather buy a UL30 (or something similar and smaller-cheaper) without the nVidia GPU and run it under Windows. To me, Open CL and everything that is dependent on QI-QE (Videos, VMWare, smooth menus, etc) makes OSX86 worth it.
  6. Simon42

    OSX on ASUS UL30A

    What's so bad with the Compatible mode? Is there anything other than a performance hit for the hard drive? It probably doesn't help the battery life but it should not be a problem with the size of the battery on it. Getting fully functional graphics is much more important to me than any performance hit, and the Intel GPU will never give us that.
  7. Simon42

    OSX on ASUS UL30A

    Great job guys! Beau travail! I'm just about to buy one of those - UL30VT in fact - to replace the Eee PC I've been using under Leopard for 20 months now (Windows partition has been out of service for half a year now). My question is: do you think a UL30 can be used solely under Mac OS? Are all the usability basics all there and working well enough? More specifically, is the trackpad customizable or decently usable as it is? And can the WiFi card be changed without tearing the computer apart? From the pictures I have seen, it sticks out in the hard drive bay but I am not sure it can slid in and out easily. A half-length Mac-compatible card would be part of my purchase. Thanks and keep up the good work!
  8. Concerning Intel HD support, in the best possible scenario it will give us basic support for all the Intel range and even hopefully for the 4500s (they are very vaguely the same architecture). But since it is support for a switchable solution from Intel to nVidia, it surely won't be easy and should only contain instructions for running the Intel unit at its lowest speed and for killing it so the nVidia one can take over. Basic speed support for Intel should be great, if we can avoid having it shut down for an absent nVidia chip when it needs more performance. And that also means the Apple drivers won't have to support variations of the Intel HD's clock speed to go with load, so we would be stuck with something fairly slow, nowhere near the optimum numbers (almost 9400M-ish it seems) it gets when it's fully healthy under Windows. Getting decent support for this combo must have been what took Apple so long; I guess we can expect the Kexts to be even sh*ttier to work with than ATI kexts. Good luck to all of you hackers! We'll be following with interest. In related news, the 320M in the 13" is Apple-exclusive. It's still an integrated solution like the 9400M/Ion, but with a newer chip (GT216-based they say). I guess it won't be of any use for Hackintoshs.
  9. Awesome! How did you do it? Is your ul30vt special in any way? What did you use to get nVidia graphics? So what works and what doesn't?
  10. Juste une question: J'essaie de faire fonctionner ma GTS250 avec une GFXstring et j'obtiens 1920x1200 mais pas le QE. C'est probablement parce que je l'installe sur un Kalyway 10.5.2 plus vraiment jeune, mais je me demande si le ventilateur devient silencieux quand une carte fonctionne parfaitement sur Hackintosh??? Merci beaucoup
  11. The 3150 is an adaptation of the 3100 that worked, so I'd love to know for sure if it can work. These new machines are quite a bit better number-wise (yeah they're still very slow!) than the Atom+GMA950 combo, and I like my Eee PC a lot... If anyone tries it (and tries to work on it because the integrated graphic core will be quite different), I'd love to know.
  12. The Viao and the X200 are 1. way too expensive and 2. have a GM45 GPU that makes them non-working for OS X. I posted here to hear about this new blend of nVidia graphics and Hackintoshing possiblities. I've read reviews of the UL30's bigger siblings and they seem very good at gaming and show performance test numbers surprisingly close to those of a MacBook Pro. I can't believe no-one has picked one up already or looked at the possibility at least.
  13. Asus has just started selling their newest CULV variation. It's a 13 incher with 1.3 GHz SU7300 and switchable GeForce G210m. Looks ideal at 3.7 lbs and 10 hours on battery. Amazon link My questions are: has anyone tested the G210m in OS X? I think they're just 40nm shrinks of earlier architectures and more or less date back to GeForce 8-9, so they could work with drivers already available. If not, they probably the new stage in MacBook GPU evolution (9400m=G110m=shrunk into G210m unless they skip it to G300 architecture that could be completely different). Also, has anyone tried variations of this particular laptop; it has been released in 14 and 15 inch formats before. Thanks for sharing any info you might have. It could be the perfect step-up from my current Asus MacBook Mini (1000HA).
  14. Well the 4670 is a mobile item, just look at the new iMac teardown pics on iFixit, step 22. 256 mb of Ram was a good giveaway, but the 4850 is also a notebook unit. Now, the question is whether the cores are close enough so that kexts intended for a mobile card works on a desktop unit twice its size. What's the status of the 4850; are desktop 4850 using the iMac unit's kexts or are they using those from the Mac Pro's 4870?
  15. Simon42

    ATI 4670

    Well it's very likely a Mobility Radeon just like the 4850, but I think the chips are similar enough to make things work on the desktop 4650 and 4670. And yes it would be very nice if it brought support to the 4770; but these are very different beasts. Any chance it could work on 10.5 Leopard? Well that will be another option (this one very cheap!) while I'm shopping for an upgrade to my 2600XT and I'm frustrated I can't get the new 57xx's...