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    I Just Found An Official Windows BSOD in Leopard!

    I'm a bit surprised that Microsoft hasn't done anything in retaliation. Just the shear use of the Windows name is a violation but doing this and in such a way there are grounds for legal action.
  2. Ads... what ads... oh ya, No Script
  3. The features in vB 3.7.X are a nice improvement and quite an update over 3.6.X and lower versions. May be forth a look if you haven't seen 3.7 yet. Are you going to be using a portal or just straight forum?
  4. Deleted

    Software Piracy

    Haha, fair enough but there is a double edged sword in all this. You want to protect the individual but you also want to protect the creator. Unfortunately they are on polar opposites of the spectrum and leaning to one side or the other will alienate one or the other. Personal property should be given the same rights as any other property in terms of search protocol regardless if it houses data or not. I think the real debate should be over the ISP's as they are largely the gateway for most to the internet. Having proper methods of detection at the root level while providing privacy for the end user will be more effective, and palatable to the caucus's, than random search and seizure. The only big issue is where to draw the line between one's activities raising flags and filtering through random packets to find a potentiality illegal download.
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    Software Piracy

    Oh you're right but the quote was about Canada directly so I commented on it Unfortunately there are those that report 'talks' in a way that would appear that 'this is going to happen' when it really couldn't be further from the truth. With a minority government on the brink of failure such a bill may never even get read in the house let alone put up for debate. Granted there would be nothing to protect Canadians from our American counterparts should you adopt such an act, and we all know how good your privacy laws are eh
  6. Deleted

    Software Piracy

    This will never pass in the house. Truth is the Conservative government is just hanging on and the opposition would love to further paint Harper as a control freak in the eyes of Canadians. I would bet there will be a vote of non confidence (which would bring the government down and spring an election) before this even makes it to the house anyways. If they somehow did circumvent the house and tried to pass something similar the court would strike it down and law suits would ensue.
  7. I couldn't agree more. If they had a real desktop Apple would fill a hole that has people turning toward PC, and finally ask the question "Why aren't you running a Mac?" of everyone.
  8. Deleted

    Is Apple "Worth It"?

    I get a kick when I read comments like methamp's. Chances are that if you're building a hack then chances are that you're that geeky looking guy (don't know if you like pie or not but ya...). I see it all too often, usually from Apple fanboys, and while it may hold some truth it seems more opinion/reiteration than fact. Here if I go with a Apple rig I have to go to an "Authorized Dealer" and deal with a middle man. Ya that's fun... Then if I have a repair issue I have to go to an "Authorized Dealer" once again and have that middle man either send it to a repair centre or be lucky enough to be dealing with a "Authorized Sales and Service Centre" (and not have a big problem that would need for it to be sent directly to Apple) With Apple I'd have to either jump through hoops or fix it myself. That may prove to be just a bit to much aggravation for most around here (and it has to a few people I know) but thankfully I can simply fix my Mac should anything go wrong software wise. On the other hand there is the fact that it is a package deal. You're not only buying the core components but also the aesthetics of the package (ok, and the name somewhat). If you like the design I guess you could just buy a Mac Pro case and fill it yourself, but if you want all the work done for you then yes it is worth it. Because it is a set of specific hardware it will also hold its value but that strict list can also be a draw back. You can upgrade and modify the PC (notice I said PC and not Windows?) and build it to your specific needs, even right down to the OS (ok, this is where the Windows part comes in I guess). There is also the available programs to consider, sure they could be run under emulation but we all know that may not be quite fast enough depending on the program. Still you can just run Windows OS on the Apple rig so this isn't about OS's but rather hardware. That said I can run Sli/crossfire, higher levels of RAM, and swap components of a PC to meet my needs and update with the times whereas with a Mac I'd be SOL for the most part. The question unfortunately needs to be personalized and will reflect each individuals needs/wants. Mac's are a great package and if you want something that is plug and play while retaining its value, yes it is worth it. On the other hand if you want to be kept up to date with technology or simply want to be able to customize your rig to suit your own needs (especially if they surpass or fall in the middle of the current Apple lineup) then no an Apple isn't worth it.
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    Major Failz

  10. Deleted

    Annoying Avatars

    OMG, I have the perfect Avatar for that!
  11. so would I. She's one of the reasons why they bought the Mac's, the students are why they are reverting back to Microsoft. She just gave us the poll details, but ya there is no point in getting Vista especially with the new Windows OS coming out. With the amount of knowledge that kids now a days are gaining at such a young age schools should migrate to OSX not only for the security standpoint but also for the ease of programming/designing/developing over that of Microsoft. I'm not one that is in favour of the change for the worse but I thought I'd share the norm around here in our schools.
  12. I can only post what I've read. I don't know if being private schools have any bearing on the decision of the last school, which my children attend, or not but these are the facts I was given by the principal none the less.
  13. I wanna smack the moron that wrote that pile of garbage. #4 was a huge laugh, without a security audit and proper software development you're not gonna go anywhere. You can't have one without the other or your just deluding yourself. To the point, I know of three schools that upgraded their labs to new computers and Vista OS's where as one school bought all new iMacs. The students hated the iMac's by over 80% after the first term and just were polled again this term and found 95% now wanted them gone. Needless to say there was outrage and now the school board is selling the iMac's for a Vista desktop lab and a laptop in class pilot program.
  14. Deleted

    What makes OSX better?

    Ya know, I've been seriously wondering this myself as far as applications go. I have a Leo that 'just works' but my Vista Ultimate 64bit 'just works' as well. I've seen a few iMac's that didn't "just work" just as there are Vista computers that didn't "just work" either. I do find the Windows camp much louder about complaining when things go south though and perhaps why you don't hear the Apple fallout, but that could also be due to their rather large market share. OSX also has a tighter QVL that helps things to play nicely more than the vast QVL that Vista has to accommodate. Vista Ultimate has many of the same features including a very similar preview to that of Apple. Stolen, copied, whatever it is a feature. Even the taskbar has a live preview of the window. I do find that there are many more games out there for a Windows computer than a Mac. Although if you're comparing OS's than don't count the partial junk that make up the other editions, they're just watered down versions of Vista Ultimate. Some would say that is a plus by only getting the features that you need rather than a bunch that you don't but others would complain at the lack of functionality in such a method that is present in OSX out of the box. Truth is you are missing alot if you get anything but the Ultimate version. One thing is for sure and why OSX is so appealing, when things go wrong on a Mac it's annoying but when things go wrong in Vista they can go very wrong in a hurry and that's just beyond annoying.
  15. Deleted

    Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Released

    Haha, I was meaning here Must have just been good timing but the thread seems to be burried so who knows.