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  1. Roman BEránek

    GT 730 causes blinking of the screen

    Hello, I recently installed new graphics card (GIGABYTE GT 730 Ultra Durable 2 2GB DDR5) to avoid problems with Intel HD 4400 (screen flickering). Although it solved the issue with flickering, new problem has appeared. When using browser or Launchpad (or anything else), screen randomly fades black for a fraction of a second. If it happens within Launchpad, Launchpad immediately closes itself. Overall this behavior is really annoying and disallows me working on this desktop. Here is how it looks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oC7pnWy037w (I hit no keys while recording this video) Occurs in both Mavericks and Yosemite (PB 3), with stock drivers either nVidia web drivers. Can anybody please tell me what is going on here?
  2. You can switch it to the SoundFlower 16ch.
  3. Roman BEránek

    UPDATED: AppleAC97Audio for Snow Leopard i386/x86_64

  4. Roman BEránek

    UPDATED: AppleAC97Audio for Snow Leopard i386/x86_64

    Mine microphone works, your not? Can you please tell me what type of codec do you have? I will look at it.
  5. Roman BEránek

    UPDATED: AppleAC97Audio for Snow Leopard i386/x86_64

    You are assuming it right. This driver was made to offer audio support to audio controllers made before 2005 (Intel HDA specifications were released in 2004) under 64b kernel. Personally, I don't see any reason to experiment with this driver when you already have a working solution. Even there is any backward compatibility, this driver can't control more than 6 channels because it is not specified in AC '97 (there are few codecs with 8-channels support, eg. ALC850 (my case) but it needs some dirty hacks (in this case 7th and 8th channels replace AuxIn) - that was by the way one of the main reasons to create Intel HDA specifications. Rather be glad for fully working audio - not all of us have this luck :-) Have fun. iSchemy P.S. if you have more speakers than two, maybe you will want this.
  6. Roman BEránek

    UPDATED: AppleAC97Audio for Snow Leopard i386/x86_64

    Well, there is no sign of AC '97 compatibility in a datasheet to ALC888. It sorta makes sense because there is no reason for HDA cards to pretend being AC '97. But you can try it... simply add PCI ID of your card to Info.plist. Give me a report iSchemy
  7. Roman BEránek

    UPDATED: AppleAC97Audio for Snow Leopard i386/x86_64

    Oh, sorry. I was working with two version of this kext and it seems that this was the one with original plist files Anyway, it's FIXED. The advantages are: it works with AC '97 soundcards. The disadvantages are: it doesn't work with Intel HDA soundcards.
  8. Here is new version of AppleAC97Audio drivers. Original source code files were taken from Mac OS X 10.4.11 (opensource.apple.com). I have "converted" (-> manually ) the project into Xcode 3.2 and then replaced some deprecated calls with newer and ported asm call inl to 64-bit environment (the 'l' in "inl" means long, but long in 64-bit has 64-bits and instruction "in" can't operate with 64-bit operands). Next goal is add 8ch support, but this will take a while 'cause it needs studying AC'97 datasheet. UPDATED: Now with support of nForce4 audio and no "does not declare a kernel dependency" anymore Binary:AppleAC97Audio.kext.zip Sources: AppleAC97Audio_src.zip Under x86_64 NOT tested but SHOULD work. In case of donations, you can send it here Enjoy. iSchemy
  9. Roman BEránek

    Infos pour configuration

    OK, I have translated your post using Google Translator and I think, it should work. Start with downloading retail Snow Leopard DVD and find some CD Bootloader, for example Hack OS X or something like that.
  10. Hi guys, I have modified the Soundflowerbed to clone stereo to all available channels, so you can listen music from iTunes etc. from all your spearkers. Here is a screenshot: All you have to do is install Soundflower (installing Soundflowerbed is not necessary) download and execute modified version. These days I also work on a 64-bit version of an AppleAC97Audio kext. Now it works with all Intel and nVidia soundcards, AMD and VIA are not supported yet. Binary: binary.zip Sources: sources.zip Patch to the SVN sources: patch.zip I have modified only 2 (+2 headers) files: AppController.mm (+header) & AudioThruEngine.cpp (+header). Changes in source files are well documented as an iSchemy's edit. Everything is in diff patch. I have also written to the Soundflowerbed owner, so maybe they will commit my changes to the official release. In case of donations, you can send it here Enjoy. iSchemy
  11. Roman BEránek

    Infos pour configuration

  12. Roman BEránek

    Mac OS X on AMD system

    Try iDeneb v10.6 10.5.8 lite I think there is everything you need.
  13. Roman BEránek

    3 more drivers for Mac OSX Snow Leopard

    AppleAC97Audio.kext for audio and skge.kext for ethernet
  14. Roman BEránek

    best osx flavour for my toshiba satellite l500d?

    iDeneb v10.6 10.5.8 lite edition and then you can try Snow Leopard