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  1. GeForce 200 series support

    Didn't work in Snow Leo either for my Mac Pro........ Big F! I'm gonna sell the card and buy the real gtx 285 for mac pro. If somebody has managed to get this work for his mac pro, please let us know!
  2. GeForce 200 series support

    Installed Snow Leopard. Hoping it has better support for my GTX 260 :S
  3. GeForce 200 series support

    OK I got your PM. I'll try to find aquamac's instructions and see what they are all about. But installing chameleon EFI I'm not too sure about. Could it fcuck up my Mac? I might try those EFI strings if I figure out how to do that
  4. GeForce 200 series support

    Gave the GTX 260 to my brother. Couldn't get it to work
  5. GeForce 200 series support

    Ok, I tried to fool around a bit and got nowhere. I only managed to install the drivers and the card. When I boot I only get a black screen and a blue sceen when I boot with my 2 cards, HD 2600 and gtx 260. Damn... does it only work for hacks?
  6. GeForce 200 series support

    Hey hey.. I just bought a new card, the Geforce GTX 260 with 800 or something VRAM. It seems you can make it work on a Mac Pro. Could somebody post step-by-step instructions for a newb, please?
  7. Ok I finally got everything working on my cousin's PC. Installed retail with the USB bootloader, updated to 10.5.2 via combo update. Then used apple's software update and updated everything with no problems up to 10.5.6. Then I was able to install the graphics drivers for 9800 GTX from PC whiz and enabled QE/CI with the NVinstaller. Also installed p45 sound drivers and the chameleon (with the Extra folder from the bootable USB) Now my cousin's hackintosh is almost perfect. Only thing I noticed was that the system profiler displayed CPU clock as 3,8 GHz, though it should've been 2,4 GHz (but those are minor issues.) Ports (except for motherboards LAN) and sleep are working perfectly. Damn, my cousin's hack works better than my Mac Pro! My headset's mic works with his hack, but not with my Mac :S Could the problem be Mac Pro's audio jacks? The headset uses two 3,5 mm jacks. One for line in, the other for line out. Edit: Seems like the line in port doesn't work with any 3,5 mm mic jack. But the other port works for the mic and for the headphone jack. Now I just need to figure how to put 2 jacks in one hole
  8. DFE's BOOT-132 Resources Thread

    Still waiting for the miracle ISO of ASUS P5A2E Deluxe mobo/Pentium 4 processor combo. Nobody else has this motherboard?
  9. Please suggest a game for an addicted sniper!

    I'm a sniper in the Finnish defense forces so I know a bit about sniping It pisses me off that there are no games that have proper sniping. COD4 would be great, but you can't really make use of the camouflage (someone always cheats or has grass and such turned off) and the game is too hectic cause there are allways hundreds of bunnyhoppers jumping around the map. Not like real battle at all. The killcam doesn't help. AA has been the best option (even with no possibility of camouflage), but it hasn't been developed in some years. The windows version has only gotten minor updates which haven't really improved the game. It's old and dying. Let's hope AA3.0 will change all that like they promised. One option would be Battlefield 2, but it's windows only and it's also getting old. I've heard there is a cider port out there, but it can't be found anywhere. This is a game I'd like to try in OSX.
  10. Guild Wars Cider Port

    Any updates? Where can I get the full cider port including the game files? Is there even one? If not, why? Looks like some of you have gotten it to work... Can't wait to play GW in OSX on my Mac Pro!
  11. Don't know about tiger, but some folks have been able to install the retail leopard. I've tried it, but with no success.
  12. Everyone remember to contribute to the P5W dh deluxe wiki at http://p5w-dh-deluxe-osx86.wikidot.com
  13. I just noticed that when I put this hack to sleep and try to wake it up the screen goes ape{censored}. The graphics are really messy and the screen looks like a jigsaw puzzle from hell. The graphics card is the HD 2600 originally from my Mac Pro, but it works just fine for windows. No graphic issues there. Can anyone help me with this one? I'll try reinstalling the ATI HD isntaller package later, but I doubt it alone will help.
  14. This kernel didn't work on my friend's iDeneb (AMD) hackintosh. Installed with the automatic installer, but it doesn't boot OSX anymore. Another reinstall ahead... That said I doubt the kernel work on my Pentium 4 Hack with iDeneb installed. I'm so glad I own a Mac Pro
  15. Where exactly can one download these MysticusC combo update files? I see no direct link. I need to update a Pentium 4 Hack of mine and can't do it without destroying my system. If this mystery MysticusC method would help, well, it would be awesome!