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  1. macgirl is right. i'm a newbie and the distros should be spelled correctly. finding them in torrent sites based on your list would return zero results. this forum is about community help, we should start correctly.
  2. after installing, rebooted to apple logo. then stops. funny thing as my previous posts, i had to move the touchpad or constantly press the keyboard so as the "rotating thingy" rotates. left it all night with a laptop charger pressed down on the keyboard to continue "rotating". woke up in the morning and its still rotating. will decide this afternoon if i will format the partition and try zephy's release. darn... :(to fix mbr, try acronis os selector which comes with disk director suite, or easy bcd which can only be used for vista. but, it can be used for xp by copying the boot folder of a vista computer if you have one then transering it to your xp. you can google it.
  3. to my previous post about getting stuck on post install....its kinda weird. i left it there, continously tapping on the touch pad. the installation resumed! until getting on the apple logo thru partiton install. i just continously tapped or moved the touchpad to continue installing, it stops when i stop tapping or moving. its still installing taking more time as it should. i will post my results after.
  4. thanks for responding kiwi, this is the last 2 lines before it stops, AppleBCM440XEthernet: Ethernet address xx.xx.xx.xx. Airport_Brcm43xx: Ethernet address xx.xx.xx.xx. then boot stops here. thanks again.
  5. i was able to install the toh version on my old gaming pc. i'm trying to install this new one from kalyway on my dell vostro 1000 notebook with dual boot(vista), boot stops at mac address, cursor just blinks. any help is appreciated. please be gentle, i'm a newbie.