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  1. Linksys WMP600N Dualband PCI WIFI CARD

    This card works perfectly under leopard, here's a screenshot of the wireless utility(i think that's what you mean by a screenshot of the driver). I should also add that this card is much more stable under leopard(it kept on disconnecting under windows 7(32bit) and was extremely flaky under win7 64bit, havn't tried it on vista/xp though). I actually dont find it that much of a pain using the ralink utility rather than the usual airport one.
  2. Currently, I boot Leopard using Chameleon + GRUB, however since leopard is on my second hard disk, it always defaults to the first hard disk(80) and boots Vista. I was wondering, is there a way to default it to booting into the second disk(81)? All the research i did, did not produce any results. Thanks in advance
  3. Any updated links as they seem to be down?
  4. I've searched the internet and found out that this problem has to do with bios settings, but i cannot identify which one. Anyway her's my configuration(I doubt it would help, but anyway) Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3R Jetway 9800 GT 1Gb 3Gb Ram(Transcend) Q9550
  5. GeForce 9800GT vs. 9800GTX

    Since there are no files for a 1gb card, can i just use the 512mb files(thus having a performance loss) What about EFI v8, is this what i have with iAtkos v4i? To boot Leopard I use GRUB with pc_efi(PC_EFI V8.0), does PC_EFI v8 mean the same thing as EFI V8?(You can easily get confused in these areas i tend to notice.) Thanks for the help.
  6. GeForce 9800GT vs. 9800GTX

    Can someone please explain exactly how to get a 9800GT working, I see a lot about the 9800 GTX but little about the GT version. I am (obviously) new to most of this and have done some search, but not anything that would help me out completely, as stated above I should be able to get this GPU working by using EFI strings( I have found this: http://scottdangel.com/blog/?p=28 but it isn't that helpful because of my poor understanding), could someone point me too a step-by-step guide on how to get a 9800 GT fully working from a fresh iAtkos v4i install. If this helps but i would doubt it: Triple boot Vista, Ubuntu and iAtkos Gigabyte GA-P35C-DS3R Q9550 Quad Core@2.83Ghz Raptor HD NVIDIA @ RDC 9800GT - 1024 Mo DDR3 - PCI Express 2.0 Thanks in advance.
  7. Kalyway on a real mac?

    Well a friend just gave me a mac G5 with tiger on it today and I was wondering could I just use my Kalyway DVD to install leopard? Because all the leopard active torrents are just a dual layer dvd(I don't have nay dual layer dvd burner, nd i also checked the G5 doesn't seem to have one to)