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  1. OSx86

    You mean the Open Sourced kernel? And what about people that have a copy of Mac OS X outside USA? ...EULAs are ridiculous. do you even remember that the kernel of OS X is open?
  2. Software Piracy

    But they don't need them. Photoshop is used by anyone and his/her dog without them being designers or artists. GIMP is much more apropiate for "light" use (or PS elements, or PSP). Although it shouldn't cost more than $400... even for biz You are right with more accesible/economical software being suitable for some users. But even if "consumers just can't be trusted anymore" neither does "producers can be trusted"... like root-kit Sony just to name one.
  3. Software Piracy

    Yeah, software upgrades should be free (after spending $1000+ for Adobe CS upgrades shouldn't cost more than $50). To preserve (near) monopolies?
  4. If you're going to using it for serious work then save, work and wait patiently for an iMac (hey, I'm making a plan to get $1500 for January '08 ...the cost of the iMac were I live). I concur 99% (I prefer an iMac over a Mac mini ...I don't know but it has a "1984 Macintosh concept")
  5. I would say the MacBook Pro is suitable... basically a Unix workstation with great OpenGL support (to code graphic apps, etc) and a Macintosh look 'n feel. Also the non-reflective screen may be more suited for coding (...you may try it in a store)
  6. Since you aren't running 3D graphic intensive apps then the MacBook is good enough (if you don't mind glossy). When I get my first Mac it will have a dedicated video card... but that's because I will use it for graphic apps (some 3D modeling, OpenGL, etc). For audio editing and engineering the MacBook is great (...you may even wait for Merom).
  7. The Core 2 Duo is 64 bit. Other than that there's not much difference. Your current iMac is just fine. If it didn't run Leopard then maybe you can upgrade your processor... but you will be throwing away a working electronic product.
  8. My iMac Intel 20"

    I'm saving for the 17" iMac Core 2 Duo with Ati graphics I've saved $500 out of $1500 ($1199 base price + import fees + taxes) GNU/Linux or *BSD may be more reliable than Mac "OSx86" but you just burned $1500 in a Dell (missing the opportunity to get a Mac)... do you even care about OS X?
  9. And why not simply use the Mac Mini?
  10. Help Mashugly Get a MacBook Pro

    as far as I know: referrals are USA-only referrals are spam
  11. Where is Maxxuss?

    Yeah, I think that too. He/she may even be the one to code the "locks" in the first place.
  12. Who here has a mac? not just a PC

    I don't own an Apple Mac, but I'm currently saving for one
  13. Ranting, please don't hate me.

    Windows doesn't have a nice GUI ...unless you think the teletubbies are "dead sexy". I've a project to improve the interface of FOSS Unix-like OSs. There's plenty of code to reutilize.
  14. Linux Needs...

    Because it's {censored}. I prefer Kaffeine, but it's still inferior compared to iTunes. Just use a console for gaming. ...developers should use OpenGL instead of DirectX. I disagree. The GNU/Linux community don't understand the user and don't code and design useful, consistent, aesthetic interfaces for he/she.
  15. XGL

    Yes. I've heard of it. I'm so interested in it as to plan to make a FOSS project based on it