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  1. FrontRow

    Hey, i am a geek looking to spend my time building a cheap-ish multimedia mac media center. I want to build a compatible machine, just using miniitx or maybe just being creative with the layout. I then wish to view my other mac's pics and vids via Bonjour. I know that FrontRow is the perfect way to do this. Does it work? Can it work? What do you think?
  2. Building a "Mini"

    This is exactly what I was going to build, yet i am too much of a noob to be able to build one myself... I want to make a mediacenter type thing also! sory im not that useful
  3. HEY, I am currently undertaking a project to build a computer (with osx86) and frontrow (front row enabler) for a "mac media center" I can probably do this software wise (as long as fron row enabler will work)... But I do not know what hardware to buy. I dont want this getting too expensive, yet I need some power to play video and a network card fast enough to do so.. (you know, the front row bonjour speed)... Anyhoo, on the mini itx site there are of course MANY different models and processors. I need to know which, if any will work, or even some specs that I can look for in a chip... I really hope that I can do this, and would love to start soon! -K9 P.S. Can I use frontrow and bonjour (cough 10.4.5 cough)???? Thats all i'd use it for...
  4. What to do

    Well, I am at the time in my life where in about a year or 2 I may have to upgrade my system... With apple, that has always been a . My question, is 86 reliable enough to use as my primary computer? Also, can it run all the apps apple can? (Photoshop, Flash 8, etc...) Thanks-
  5. install DVD image troubles

    Hey, I just found out about OSX86 today and really want to try it out. I own currently an Ibook g4 and am sick of paying so much money for a 1ghz laptop! I really want to buy a GOOD intel compuer (or make one) an then basically make one of those new appkes for CHEAP!! EDIT: Removed content violating DMCA I found the torrent containing the ************ yet it says that It will take 77 days to download in bit torrent.. PLEASE SAY IT AINT SO!!!! Thanks- k9