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  1. There are so many cool chameleon themes, I can't stop at one. So I wrote several scripts to make them randomly show up at each boot. Work under windows (vbscript) and Mac OS X (applescript). You should add the script to your startup items, it will detect all theme folders in your Extra/Themes, and modify your Extra/com.apple.Boot.plist's Theme key at boot. So next time you start up your computer you will see the new theme. For Both OS, I provides two scripts, one is for random themes(It must be different from last theme, so make sure you have more than one theme), and the other is for cycling themes in alphabetical order. I don't have a linux so I can't write scripts for it. Setup: 1. Setup Chameleon and put at least two themes into Chameleon's Extra/Themes folder. Then backup your boot.plist!!! 2. In Mac OS X: Add random_themes.app or cycling_themes.app to your account's Login Items. It will assume your Themes and boot.plist in /Extra folder. If not, change the script accordingly. In Windows: 1)You will need softwares such as MacDrive 8.0 to gain access to the HFS+ partition containing Chameleon. 2)Then you have to edit the beginning of the scripts (OSX_Disk_Label = "G:" ), change G: to your MacDrive disk label that containing Chameleon's Extra folder. At last, add random_themes.vbs or cycling_themes.vbs (or one of their shortcuts) to start->programs->startup. 3)I also made the scripts delayed for 20 seconds after boot, to wait for the loading of MacDrive. Change the value if you have problem running the scripts. 3. Enjoy different boot screens at each boot! Known issues: 1. OS X and Windows have different alphabetical orders for file/folder listing. If you choose cycling themes in both win and osx, and you have both uppercase and lowercase theme names, it will not working properly. A simple workaround is making them all lowercase/uppercase, or add numbers in front of theme names to customize the cycling order. 2. Didn't do enough error checks, so make sure the paths of Themes and boot.plist are correct in the scripts, and the boot.plist must contain two lines: "<key>Theme</key>" and "<string>xxxx</string>" before use. And backup your boot.plist first!!! ThemeRandomizer.zip
  2. Since Snow Leopard added this missing feature. Somebody said it only supports 9400m, but actually all the modern NV cards should have the necessary parts to meet the demands. Can we modify some kexts to get this work? Or to deceive the API to believe we are using 9400m to open this feature. I'm happy to see there is already a hackintosh reporting it works: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...9533&st=764 I hope more good news can rally here. It seems OpenCL is confirmed to work on Hackintosh, http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...p;#entry1177815 maybe it can provide an alternative way to GPU decoding.

    Is this just showing CI/QE enabled? or it can play movie, use iwork properly? Is the menu bar still fully transparent?
  4. How can I get rid of this "drum" sounds(in attached file)

    I found out! It's related to the output sample rate. my onboard audio chip alc655 only have one rate: 48000hz (in midi utility). When I change to a cmedia8738, with default rate 44100, it works fine. Then I set cmedia8738 to 48000hz, RDC to Windows based computer will give the "drum" sound again. I also try this on other computers, and Yes! 48000hz= RDC cripple sound. But the strange thing is when I open a MIDI application like guitar pro 5, the sample rate of cmedia8738 auto changed to 48000, I have to change it back manually everytime. So, can anyone tell me how to 1. hard-coded my onboard alc655 to 44100hz, so I can use it without problem. Currently it only have one option 48000hz. 2. cmedia8738 already have 44100 and 48000, how can I disable the 48000 one. I will be very happy if anyone of them is solved~ Thank you!
  5. G94(9600gt) is fully supported by new mbp drivers!

    Under windwos I downloaded a nvidia tools which seems able to adjust temperature-fanspeed curve, but I never got success. Not aware there's such software under leopard. I guess I will live along with drums......
  6. How can I get rid of this "drum" sounds(in attached file)

    desperated bump:(
  7. G94(9600gt) is fully supported by new mbp drivers!

    What's wrong with your fan? I think after the driver is loaded, my gpu fan got the same behaviour with in windows, that reduces much noise. btw, can you help me with this? http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...mp;#entry937781
  8. G94(9600gt) is fully supported by new mbp drivers!

    Glad to see so many people finally got their g94 to work. Now, can anyone help me with my funny sound problem: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?s=&...st&p=937781
  9. I have alc655@nforce4 mobo, there are already some small issues like volume control sometimes got lost, no build-in audio in "about this mac" even add a sfx string(I cannot find layout-id, don't know why), but I can live with them. The only thing I can't tolerate is in the attached file. It came out of Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Client for MAC 2.0. I have to remote control my office PC through my hackintosh. The version before RDC 2.0 beta2 is ok, but after that version, I got strange "drum" sound whenever there are sounds redirecting to local computer. Someone can tell me why? How can I get the normal sound output? See post 3, I found out why. noise.mov
  10. NVIDIA 9 Series Driver Installer v2

    where did you get this rumor? I'm anxious to see H264 hardware decoding comes to OS X, because my CPU is a bit weak, so I can only watch those HD movies under windows new.
  11. G94(9600gt) is fully supported by new mbp drivers!

    It is very likely that you use D-sub output instead of DVI from your video card, you can just change to DVI output, both blue screen and black screen will be solved
  12. G94(9600gt) is fully supported by new mbp drivers!

    no, I have 512vram too...
  13. G94(9600gt) is fully supported by new mbp drivers!

    looks like you two have the same problem, I dont know why. make sure all the GeforceXXX.bundles are replaced
  14. G94(9600gt) is fully supported by new mbp drivers!

    I uploaded some required screenshots
  15. G94(9600gt) is fully supported by new mbp drivers!

    no, not from apple's website. How did you install those kexts? you'd better do it with kext helper, or you have to repair permission and rebuild kext cache. you also need to delete all the NVInjector NVKush Natit Titan kexts. I can give you my boot.plist, but I'm not sure it will work on your machine.