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  1. Nvidia GT 120

    Hey, according to this blog, the gt 120 is unofficially supported by 800 Mhz Mac Pros: http://blog.macsales.com/602-testing-those...-graphics-cards and this user (comment at the bottom of the above post) has pictures of his 2008 mac pro with dual 24" LED Displays: http://www.flickr.com/photos/29145848@N04/
  2. Transmission 0.80 Released!

    From the frontpage of http://transmission.m0k.org/ Version 0.80 Ability to selectively download and prioritize files Torrent file creation Speed and CPU load improvements Fix to UPnP Rechecking torrents is now done one-at-a-time to avoid heavy disk load Better rechecking of torrents that have many files Many miscellaneous improvements and bugfixes Partial licensing change -- see the LICENSE file for details OS X: Overlay when dragging torrent files, URLs, and data files onto window Ability to set an amount of time to consider a transfer stalled More progress bar colors Various smaller interface improvements Italian, Korean, and Russian translations GTK: Added Torrent Inspector dialog Added Update Tracker button Various smaller interface improvements
  3. Natit for Nvidia with dual display

    bofors, I am currently using your v0.02 Natit kext with my 7600GT...works as well as people seem to be reporting, but im trying to get things such as Detect Display to work and am looking for the IOReg dump from a mac using a 7600gt with dual screens. I made a post here: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=35494 but didn't get any useful responses...have you seen this around the forum anywhere? Thanks for your help.
  4. Natit Dual Display Help

    information about your card/kext/anything? would be helpful...
  5. Request: IOReg Dump from 24" iMac with 7600GT using dual monitors

    The kext was originally posted by bofors here: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=32536 but you can also check out the wiki which has a complete list of downloads. wiki here: http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/Natit
  6. Hello there, I am currently using an XFX 7600GT with dual DVI support using the Natit_Dual_v0.2 kext. Ive gotten both displays to work with 1600x1200 and QE/CI but the performance is pretty bad. Xbench scores have dropped since using my gma900 and ive just noticed that there are some times where the video really seems to lag, when it shouldn't for a gpu that apple currently supports. What I want to do is try to get my IOReg as close to an authentic mac and see if I cannot get better performance. I figure maybe ill also be able to get things like Detect Displays working properly. So, I was hoping that someone might have posted an IOReg Dump from 24" iMac with 7600GT using dual monitors in the forum somewhere. If not, maybe someone could post one here? Any help would be appreciated. If no one can come up with one, I can try to go to my campus bookstore and see if they'll let me fuss around with it (somehow doubt it considering I want to hook up an extra monitor). Also, am I even going about this the correct way? Is there some other barrier (aside from EFI) I should be trying to overcome instead of just trying IOReg entries? Ive asked about this before over the in the drivers section but didn't get much help.
  7. Natit Wiki...

    Just updated the wiki to include a download section with links to files and info about the different releases. I put that chart together by piecing together different posts so some of the information may not be 100%. If someone who has been following this development closely would make sure everything looks legit, I'd appreciate it. The last thing I want to do is have someone spend hours trying to get the wrong version of a kext to load because of a typo.
  8. unityemissions, unfortunately I haven't played any games using os x...the main reason for my upgrade was for dual screen compatibility using xp, vista, linux, and os x with the possibility to run games in windows. I am just hoping to get full support in os x so that I can use the cards full potential in the future.
  9. I am having a similar experience. I just upgraded my video from a gma900 to a geforce 7600gt and my OpenGL went from 180 to 96 in xbench. I am using the Natit_Dual_v0.2 kext. Since you can buy an iMac with a 7600gt you would think my card could be fully supported, but it _seems_ as though natit isn't giving me complete support. Can anyone shed some light on on why this could be? I know natit has been developed more since the version I am using...is there a better version that will still continue to give me dual dvi support on my card? I have just seen some users who have extremely high xbench scores using x1600s (at least compared to my 7600gt) when I think they should be comparable. Does the fact that we are still not using EFI on our osx86 boxes have anything to do with this apparent lack of performance? Thanks in advance to anyone who can give some input.