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    Apple Magic Mouse OSX86 - external bluetooth dongle

    I tried a DBT-120 B4 and a Belkin F8T016. With the DBT-120 I can't wake up from sleep using the mouse (Mighty Mouse) and after wake I need to reconnect my mouse using the slider under it. 'Allow bluetooth devices to wake this computer' is greyed out. Using the Belkin I can wake up with the mouse, but after wake up I loose scrolling. Using LegacyBluetooth.kext and unticking 'Allow bluetooth devices to wake this computer' allows my mouse to wake up my hack from sleep. The mouse reconnects immediately and scrolling works.
  2. triptolemos

    Firewire issues

    Great work on the fixing guys. For me both solutions give the same problem hot plugging my Apogee Duet. For the rest they seem the same (sleep works with both, but i didn't try n times).
  3. Hi ricola, I can't boot my usb installer; when i don't use any flags chameleon hangs after loading the 6-7 kexts in Extra/Extensions. If I use boot flag -v or -s more kexts are loaded and system either hangs or reboots when it has loaded a lot of kexts (until ATT<something.kext>). All my bios settings seem ok (ahci, diable bit, etc.). The weirdest thing though is I remember getting a KP on my very first attempt to install SL. However now the best I can get is reboots or stalls.... I am positive it's not your guide though, that's excellent, so thanks for that! Don't want to hijack the thread with either a very esoteric or a very simple problem so i made a post in installation forum. Prolly a long shot though
  4. Hi Lewis, I am using a IP35 as well and I am experiencing the same problems (Nvidia card). Tried installing from usb stick as well as different bios settings but to no avail.
  5. so I tried a few guides to try and get SL running. Tried installing using blackosx's (usb installer) and ricola's method (open OSIntall.mpkg). In both instances i followed the intstuctions to the letter (using my own dsdt naturally). If I boot either the usb installer (blackosx method) or the installed SL (ricola's method), my system restarts itselfs while loading kexts (somewhere when it reaches loading ATTO.....kext); using boot arguments -v -f -x -s arch=386 (Chameleon 2 rc3). Unfortunately i do't see any KP or logs; not anything to point me to the right the direction. Anyone an idea what might be wrong?
  6. Hi Ricola, Thanks for the help m8! I did all those things . Compiled my own dsdt and modified it to prevent CMOS bug, edited networking kexts (like i needed to do for Leopard as well) and my processor speed is set to default in bios (2833 Mhz). It's a really weird issue
  7. I have a Ip35 (regular) and i have the exact same problem. Running vanilla 10.5.8 flawlessly now and i really don't get what's going on :? Tried numerous guides, but it just keeps after loading a lot of kexts and system automatically restarts before booting the kernel, Anyone got an idea?
  8. triptolemos

    Post your STUDIO SETUP.

    Had a lot of hardware and sold most except: Alesis Andromeda - best synth ever made Apogee Duet - awesome quality and service! Rosetta will be next Korg padKONTROL - great controller {censored} quality Moog Minimoog Voyager + VX-351 - what can i say... Quad 12L Active studio monitors - phenomenal stereo image, lacking in the bass department and of course a hackintosh running Logic 9
  9. triptolemos

    AnV Chameleon boot loader

    hey andy, Nice job man! en de beste wensen vast
  10. triptolemos

    10.5.5 unstable

    Sorry to hijack this thread, but trying to send ts a message and he's got that disabled so here it goes and mea culpa: hey man Aan de hackintosh tegenwoordig zie ik! Hoe is het met jou? Of heb ik de verkeerde BiTRiP voor me nu? groet, pako
  11. triptolemos

    Hardware Overview Problem

    I have the same problem. I am on a vanilla install and both 10.5.3 and 10.5.4 updates mess up my System profiler information, which displays "There was an error gathering this information" . As a result my bluetooth doesn't work. The problem seems independent on the kernel (tried modbin and vanilla 9.3.0 and 9.4.0) and AppleSMBios used (tried all 027, -28 and enabler versions). Unfortunately I am not educated enough to figure out the problem so I am going back to 10.5.2 (need bluetooth ) for now
  12. right! If I boot -f BT comes back.
  13. hmpf.... BT stopped working again after making a disc image. It seems the problem is related to something else
  14. Since bluetooth also stopped working on a different install (same machine) after the bios update, i think it's sfe to say the bios update caused the problem. A reinstall of OSX fixes it, but I still wonder what causes a bios update to break BT.