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  1. I just found out what you need to do to make the MacBook Air SuperDrive work on any PC (on Windows, not in OS X, as yet) without any hardware hacking. I thought I'd let you guys know the process, too, you just need to install the Boot Camp driver using AppleODDInstaller.exe. It won't give you a bootable DVD drive (at least, I don't think it will, I'll check shortly), but it will make it work in Windows. I think you'll just need to add a kext to make it work in OS X, too, but I haven't had time to test it yet. Anyway, here's the link: http://geeks.against.tv/applemacbookairsuperdriveonanypc Nope, it isn't bootable. Just tried to boot Windows 2000 with it, and it doesn't come up with the "Press any key to start Setup..." prompt.

    This film is entirely made up of stylised violence, sex & swearing, and has hardly any character development or plot. In other words, AWESOME for light entertainment! One of the most hilarious and gripping adrenaline pumped action movies I've seen for a while! I agree, check movies before you watch them with your parents, I watched this for the second time with my dad and he loved it as well! You may well want the ringtone from some guys blog
  3. Apple TV software on Mac

    Yeah I think that is about right here - I posted on hackint0sh about this - I copied the Frameworks over, renamed aTV Finder.app to Front\ Row.app (and the actual exe inside) and restarted. I also changed the references in Info.plist to say Front Row.app and not Finder.app. Also, I copied the SystemVersion.plist from CoreServices over (so my OS reports it is the aTV version). It still failed on the hardware check, but something in the system.log was continually trying to load the hacked Front Row (aTV Finder) up. Seeing as it loads when the whole OS is loaded, I think the hardware errors are a driver issue, not a missing hardware issue. aTV Finder is Front Row 2.0 for 10.4 - the identifiers all say so inside it, as do the pLists Anyone want to try and patch it into Leopard? I bet that already has Front Row 2.0 on it... Cheers, Josh
  4. on eBay UK: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...E:IT&ih=016
  5. Snap! Unless someone wants to buy my Pippin Dev unit for £200.. lol.
  6. Hey, I had this problem too (Dell 4700 with JasOS 10.4.8) - I find that it is caused by parallels beind connected to the CD-ROM drive, then either parallels is shut down or suspended and the disc ejected, then if parallels is started. It also occurs if Mac OS X is accessing the disc before parallels get to it. This also happens on my real Mac (core 2 MBP 15") Once parallels has the disc (If you manually select it) it should work fine again. I also get similar problems where switching between an ISO and a real disc on my mac and dell. Cheers, Josh
  7. Hmm interesting. I'd be interested in the alleged Mini Mac OS on it. An amazing thing would be if it contained a Mac OS Kernel built for Pentium 3 with no TPM... Wishes... Hopefully a HD image will be available soon so we can all see. I'm guessing most people who get these won't want to dismantle their shinies quite yet! (Although I see someone has - appleinsider has links) Cheers, Josh
  8. Cool, Apple TV looks interesting. Does anyone here have one? Does it come with a setup CD? If it does, and you have one, please get in touch. Cheers, Josh
  9. Crashes and Kernel Panics

    Hey Cyman, I get this exact problem with my mobile too, on a Powerbook G4 1.5 Ghz running 10.4.2. It's a phone/Mac OS issue, not a phone/Mac OS x86 issue. I'd appreciate a link to the fix if you see one (for PPC & Intel OS X!)