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  1. Thank you, I'm trying this right now. While this is going, maybe you - or someone else - can answer me to the following questions? First, the hardware: Sony Vaio TX1XP/B (IIRC it's known as TX650 outside of Europe), 1.2 GHz Pentium M ULV on an Intel ICH6-Board, 1GB RAM, IPW2200, Intel HDA - well, that should be the most important parts. Full Specs 1. The notebook only boots with an external monitor, but then it has the native resolution of 1366x768. Without the external monitor, it hangs at the bluescreen before the login-window. I once read, that this should be fixable, but I haven't bookmarked it 2. I guess, there are no drivers available for the internal cardreader (Texas Instruments, works under Linux), yet? 3. Would this system support speedstepping and hibernation under OSX? Right now, when I set it to sleep, the display turns off, but the machine keeps running and can't be brought back to life without a hard reset. Update: Leaving out the TimeMachine-Update lets the system boot, unfortunately the screen stays black after everything is loaded and the external monitor shows "frequency out of range". So this seems to be related to the graphics-update, but booting with "Graphics Mode"="1024x768x32" also doesn't work.
  2. hello, 1. thanks for the hard work you're all putting in 2. sorry for creating a new thread, but the search wasn't really helpfull - maybe I used the wrong terms... Anyway, the situation is a follows: I installed 10.5.1 (kalyway) on my notebook, since kalyway-10.5.2 and l4a-v3 won't boot. The installation went fine and after that I used kalyway-combo-updater to get on 10.5.2. After that, I get the following updates shown: iLife Support 8.2 QuickTime 7.4.5 iTunes 7.6.2 AirPort Utility 5.3.1 Front Row Update 2.1.3 Leopard Graphics Update 1.0 Time machine and AirPort Updates 1.0 Security Update 2008-002 Safari 3.1.1 One (or more) of this is killing my system, always reboots, no matter what startup-options I use. So, since I rather not want to try all these updates one at a time by myself (1.2 GHz ULV CPU + 4200rpm Disk...), I'd very much appreciate if someone could tell me, what I'll have to do. If needed, I still got kaly-10.5.2 and L4Av3 here, so I could extract packages from there if neccessary. thanks for you time, ph