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  1. This worked for me in the sense that I was able to install SL. However, I have three recurring problems. 1. USB Disks eject randomly, throwing errors 2. Audio skips when playing back MP3 files using VLC 3. eSata connections basically freeze after about 10 minutes Anyone have any ideas?
  2. New macs include 4850

    From Apple Insider: So does this mean that this chipset is now supported? I'm trying to get the most powerful (gaming-wise) video card for my new system, and despite reading this forum for hours, I can't determine what that is. Anyone know?
  3. Your reply is so riddled with factual errors and misunderstandings, I wouldn't know where to start to correct them, even if I was inclined to do so, which I am not. So I'm out. For the sake of others who may be interested, the scripts and steps you described worked perfectly on my system, originally created using PCWiz's installation guide. Thanks again for creating the scripts, and for all your patient and helpful advice.
  4. Is this called for? The insults and 12 year old behaviour? I have said in several posts what I am trying to do: create a clone of my working system in order to test the upgrade process you have described...and this is the response? What the hell is wrong with you? I have listened to and tried all of your and Verdant's suggestions; none of them have yet worked for me. That doesn't make me stupid, and it doesn't make your advice wrong. It means that they don't work for me. I'm not angry with either of you...well, I'm not angry with Verdant anyway...quite the opposite, I'm very grateful for his advice (assuming he's a guy), as I was with yours...right up until this petulant response. For the sake of clarity, I'll address each of your points. Please refer to posts 1786 and 1827 (which is a direct answer to this question the last time you asked btw) and again in 1829. Like I said in post 1829, I get that. What I am trying to do is work with multiple drives, not multiple partitions. I already have a working system and I'd rather not have to start over. I can't think of a way to make that more clear to you. Again, for completeness' sake, I don't have a misunderstanding of the process...it's just that none of the processes described so generously seem to be able to clone a working drive to a new drive. This includes: 1. Using disk utility to clone the drive while booted into the working system; 2. Using CCC to clone the drive while booted into the working system; 3. Booting from the kaly DVD and using disk utility there to to a block level clone (thanks for the idea Verdant); 4. Booting from kaly again and restoring a time machine backup to the clone drive. In each case, finishing up by trying all three of the bootloaders included with OSX86Tools as well as the rd trick you described. The process is not confusing...it just doesn't work for me, which is why I said twice that there was something fundamental that I was not doing, because it seems fairly straightforward. Again, this didn't work for me, for whatever reason. And again, that doesn't make me stupid, and it doesn't make your advice wrong. It just means that it didn't work for me. ...various bits of insulting language removed... This doesn't even make sense...nowhere did I say this is what I was trying to do, or had tried to do, so where did you get that from? I have said, like 5 times now, that I'm not trying to work with multiple partitions on the same drive...I'm trying to work with multiple drives. How can I make that more clear? Are you actually reading what I'm saying? Again, not sure you are actually reading what I'm typing, but it has become clear that you have comprehension issues so I won't dwell on it. I am not confused about partitions or cloning or any of that...I was installing slackware from a stack of floppies higher than your desk before you were out of grade school, so keep your air of superiority to yourself. If you don't want to provide assistance, thats fine. But there's no need to be an ass about it. Verdant, if you're reading this, thanks again for your help...I'll keep at it and post if I find success. Mysticus, thanks for the scripts and the guide. Please, though, try to actually read what people type before you fly off the handle.
  5. iAKTOS does not boot on my machine, so that's a deal breaker. This is iAKTOS 4.0i. I get the apple screen with a circle with a line through it symbol. So it's a no go. Maybe I'll try to figure it out...it could be that it's trying to boot with an AHCI kernel or something.
  6. I never did get a duplicate of my working system to boot, so in the end I just re-installed from scratch to test this update out. I'm happy to say that it worked no problem
  7. Wow, Verdant...thanks for typing all that out! I have Kalyway 10.5.2 and I just downloaded iDeneb 1.3...I'll try to find the iATKOS 1.3 and try your steps. Again, THANKS!
  8. I know that your instructions were for multiple partitions on the same drive. I read that clearly. What I am trying to do is to clone my working drive to a new drive, as stated, for two reasons: so I can test this upgrade path (and thanks a ton for writing it all out) and second, because I want to know how to clone my system drive. In Windows this is straightforward: ghost the drive and you're done. With OS X, it seems to not be so straightforward, and that bothers me because it makes Time Machine pointless, and creates a system whereby the only way to rebuild it is to start from scratch each time, which wastes time. I'll try forcing the boot drive using the rd= thing you posted and let you know how it works out. But it doesn't solve the troubling problem of not being able to totally clone a working OS X installation. I'll try a new topic for that one I guess.
  9. I want to duplicate my operational OS X 10.5.2 install to another drive, so that I may test out this upgrade procedure. I have tried: 1. Using the restore feature of disk utility, followed by using OSX86Tools to insert the three types of bootloaders; 2. Used CCC both with and without the three types of bootloader insertion 3. used my time machine backup to re-image a blank drive In all, I have tried 8 combinations of methods to create the copy drive, and two methods for booting (meaning using the source drive or the copy drive as the first boot device) and none of it is yielding a bootable copy disk: the copy did not show up in the bootloader list when the working drive was booted first, and the copy drive did not show the bootloader at all when I adjusted the bios to boot it first. I suspect there is something trivial and fundamental that I am not doing, but I'll be damned if I can figure out what it is.
  10. What else can I supply you with to get a bit of help?
  11. So far, I can't even get to the stage where I can test this No matter what I do I can't create a bootable image of my working drive. I have tried the method outlined in the first post of this thread, CCC, and just now I did a time machine restore to a fresh drive. In all cases, the newly created partition does not show up in the boot loader, and when I change the boot drive order in BIOS to force the newly created disk image to boot first, it hangs just before the bootloader kicks in. Clearly there is something fundamental I am missing here. I guess I'll try to switch the cables around or something.
  12. In the CCC UI it gets to about 500mb and then finishes...but finder shows 87.1GB used. I'll try to reinstall the bootloader...maybe 7th time's the charm.
  13. Clearly I'm missing something fundamental. I used CCC to copy the disk, which seemed not to take long enough...Disk Utility took about 40 minutes, whereas CCC took about 2 (the drive is a 150GB raptor with 80GB used). I'll try again.
  14. The disk is in MBR mode, and is of type Apple_HFS The bootloader screen for the working system partition has the following information: Darwin/x86 boot v5.0.132 I tried the Darwin bootloader, and it is also not showing up in the list. Also, when I change the disk boot order to boot the testing drive first, it hangs before I see the boot loader screen. Perhaps the copy didn't work?
  15. OK, I have cloned my working 10.5.2 to a new disk, installed OSX86Tools, and tried both the Chameleon and the EFI bootloaders, but the testing disk is still not showing up in the boot list. I'm using the "Install EFI/Run FDISK" button, then selecting my Testing disk (disk4s1) and clicking "Install EFI" Is there anything else I should be trying?