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  1. Um yeh there are 3 partitions ... and they are all primary. But why cant you have three .... why do they need to be side by side ... OK, so i did the stuff againboot darwin f8 -sfidk -e /dev/rdisk0flag 3updatewritequitrebootlaptop then boots OSX.Boot into WINPE (the vista install CD)use diskpart and set the first partition to activethen run a repair (this time the repair was quicker and displayed different boxes to last time)rebooted into windows okUsed EasyBCD to add an entry for mac os to the c: because the macos partition doesnt have a drive letter in windows.rebooted and it worked.wtf?anyway happy now, just need drivers to make half of the awsome hardware in my laptop work properly.
  2. I've since done some reading of others guides on this site around duel booting etc. [Guide] The Fool-Proof Vista & XP / Mac OS X Dual-Boot Guide, Covers most associated problems including the HFS+ Partition Error this guide suggests that the reoccuring HFS+ error is because of something vista is doing to the mbr, and it suggests that if you print the fdisk configuration you will see some value on the mac parition that isnt AF. On my parition it is 100% set to AF, and I didnt need to update this, and I still get this problem. If I use the dvd to boot the MAC partition OSx loads no problems. SO i did the steps in the guide ... fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0 flag3 (my osx partition) update write quite reboot OSX booted! and of course I got the Windows Vista boot error saying \Windows\System32\winload" corrupted. So i repaired the vista installation. Once i had booted into vista again 3 times later ... I ran EasyBCD It couldnt find the old configuration and I had to do some things to reset it. Rebooted. Created the bootloader entry with easyBCD again ... but couldnt see the OSX partition. SO i gave up, booted into OSX dvd, used fdisk to set the osx partition to active. now everything is back the the original problem of HFS+ partition error. sigh.
  3. Hi, here is a run down of the configuration ... disk0/partition1=vista (NTFS) disk0/partition2=sharedvolume (NTFS) disk0/partition3=osx (MAC Journaled) Vista installed first OSx installed second When booting, osx boots first and gets the HFI+ error. So i booted my WINPE cd and used diskpart to set the vista parition to active. Vista boots, then i used EasyBCD to edit the bootloader and added an entry for the OSx parition, saved and closed. rebooted ... Vista works, but when you choose the OSx option, it fails with the error : "cant open \nst\nst_mac.mbr" I then went back into vista and used EasyBCD's recovery tools - Diagnostic Centre - Miscellaneous Recovery - Repair OSX HFI+ Partition Error. that changed the path in the BCD config to disk0\parition3\ blah blah blah but it still doesnt boot. Everyone rekons the EasyBCD thing works etc ... but I dont know what is it doing to solve this problem. Can anyone throw some light on this for me ? thanks.