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    Gtx 260 SLI in OSX!

    Hello i got also problem with SLI on P5Q Deluxe. 2x 8800GT under windows with hack work perfect but osx hang on pci configuration begin when 2 cards are in slots. Iv tried to dsdt patch from your example. Compiled without errors also cards at P0P2 and P0P3 works with Qe/CI and correct detected ports but dont work together. If you could check my DSDT iquit040 then ill be glad. Thanks a lot. ;< DSDT with Two cards. P0P2, P0P3 http://www.mediafire.com/?27otmgg68w3qjct Clean DSDT http://www.mediafire.com/?sm3om478o539oug
  2. Patch? nah I'm still w8in for DSDT Solution. Kexts etc its na for me. Just posted info about my mobo coz it could be helpful, aint it? ;- )
  3. P5Q Deluxe here. My RTC Section looks same except device names. Device (RTC0) { Name (_HID, EisaId ("PNP0B00")) Name (_CRS, ResourceTemplate () { IO (Decode16, 0x0070, // Range Minimum 0x0070, // Range Maximum 0x00, // Alignment 0x02, // Length ) }) } AutoSleep, S3 Sleep also Wake works OOB but under 10.7 GM CMOS Reset when wake by keyboard!!! Its very important coz when i wake my HA by power button all is okay. I mean system Wakes at once without CMOS Reset.
  4. Hiya Lads ;- ) Just I wonder if is it possible to extract and patch DSDT files directly from "hardcoded" when installed UEFI BIOS by ASUS. Actually normal BIOS is Okay but if my mobo is enabled to use UEFI and its boot little bit faster so why do not to use it.
  5. Hiya, Im the owner of an old iMac G3. It have 400MHz/FireWire/SlotLoadin and 256+128RAM. I think is good enough to install Tiger 10.4 but when i start computer with "c" installation boot and hang on at apple gray logo. At the moment on da computer exist MacOS 9.2, its very old and full of rubbish thats why i want to install Tiger. Iv tried DVD version and its doesnt work probably its bad image or somethin wrong with CRC dunno. Also tried CD version (4cd) and on this one i got problem wha presented upper. Somebody know whats wrong? even i cant run installation in verbose mode so got no log. Its just freze before circle belown the logo start rotate. Hard Drive dont makin any noise but DVD drive loadin somethin and after few seconds stop do that. Dunno what to do, maybe its a dvd device problem or compact disc, but when i put in cd on tha system then it workin very well but still cant install it from this point because the problem of select installation disc. Thanks for anserw.
  6. Hello ppls. Im owner of Gigabyte P31-DS3 ICH7 Without AHCI. System works fine but i noticed undetectable my controler in system profile but its not main problem. Problem sounds poor performance. I got low Read/Write score in xbench. At now i got 40-45points in test. Before at 10.5.2 it was be something about 70-80. ;( Any ideas to make detectable my ICH7 and get some higer R/W?
  7. Hey, all ppls here My mobo have ICH7 and i patched DSDT to get working LPC with adress from ICH7M. Kext is loaded, but Restart/Halt and SLEEP! dont work after it, any ideas to fix? GA P31 DS3L Thx, Arrow!
  8. I dont think so coz its old mobo P31 chipset and yes i extracted it under osx with console script. k, all methods made error when compiling, look under ;> Any ideas? SSDT.txt 255: Method (_WAK, 1, NotSerialized) Warning 1080 - ^ Reserved method must return a value (_WAK) SSDT.txt 4606: Scope Error 4095 - ^ syntax error, unexpected PARSEOP_SCOPE, expecting $end
  9. Good question... i have the same CPU and _CST error in log of boot system :/ My MoBo have only one SSDT table, look under, what u think about it? can i fix that problem? Try to write some Step By Step to get working system without _CST errors. * * Intel ACPI Component Architecture * AML Disassembler version 20090730 * * Disassembly of ./dsdt.aml, Wed Aug 26 19:28:11 2009 * * * Original Table Header: * Signature "SSDT" * Length 0x000003AB (939) * Revision 0x01 * Checksum 0x57 * OEM ID "PmRef" * OEM Table ID "CpuPm" * OEM Revision 0x00003000 (12288) * Compiler ID "INTL" * Compiler Version 0x20040311 (537133841) */ DefinitionBlock ("./dsdt.aml", "SSDT", 1, "PmRef", "CpuPm", 0x00003000) { External (\_PR_.CPU3, DeviceObj) External (\_PR_.CPU2, DeviceObj) External (\_PR_.CPU1, DeviceObj) External (\_PR_.CPU0, DeviceObj) Scope (\) { Name (SSDT, Package (0x18) { "CPU0IST ", 0x7FEE6D40, 0x0000022A, "CPU1IST ", 0x7FEE7200, 0x00000152, "CPU0CST ", 0x00000000, 0xF000E816, "CPU1CST ", 0x00000000, 0xF000E816, "CPU2IST ", 0x7FEE7360, 0x00000152, "CPU3IST ", 0x7FEE74C0, 0x00000152, "CPU2CST ", 0x00000000, 0xF000E816, "CPU3CST ", 0x00000000, 0xF000E816 }) Name (CFGD, 0x04030302) Name (\PDC0, 0x80000000) Name (\PDC1, 0x80000000) Name (\PDC2, 0x80000000) Name (\PDC3, 0x80000000) } Scope (\_PR.CPU0) { Name (HI0, 0x00) Name (HC0, 0x00) Name (TLD0, 0x00) Method (_PDC, 1, NotSerialized) { CreateDWordField (Arg0, 0x08, CAP0) Store (CAP0, PDC0) If (LEqual (TLD0, 0x00)) { If (LEqual (And (PDC0, 0x0A), 0x0A)) { If (And (CFGD, 0x02)) { OperationRegion (IST0, SystemMemory, DerefOf (Index (SSDT, 0x01)), DerefOf (Index (SSDT, 0x02 ))) Load (IST0, HI0) } Store (0x01, TLD0) } } } } Scope (\_PR.CPU1) { Name (HI1, 0x00) Name (HC1, 0x00) Name (TLD1, 0x00) Method (_PDC, 1, NotSerialized) { CreateDWordField (Arg0, 0x08, CAP1) Store (CAP1, PDC1) If (LEqual (TLD1, 0x00)) { If (LEqual (And (PDC1, 0x0A), 0x0A)) { If (And (CFGD, 0x02)) { OperationRegion (IST1, SystemMemory, DerefOf (Index (SSDT, 0x04)), DerefOf (Index (SSDT, 0x05 ))) Load (IST1, HI1) } If (And (CFGD, 0x10)) { OperationRegion (CST1, SystemMemory, DerefOf (Index (SSDT, 0x0A)), DerefOf (Index (SSDT, 0x0B ))) Load (CST1, HC1) } Store (0x01, TLD1) } } } } Scope (\_PR.CPU2) { Name (HI2, 0x00) Name (HC2, 0x00) Name (TLD2, 0x00) Method (_PDC, 1, NotSerialized) { CreateDWordField (Arg0, 0x08, CAP2) Store (CAP2, PDC2) If (LEqual (TLD2, 0x00)) { If (LEqual (And (PDC2, 0x0A), 0x0A)) { If (And (CFGD, 0x02)) { OperationRegion (IST2, SystemMemory, DerefOf (Index (SSDT, 0x0D)), DerefOf (Index (SSDT, 0x0E ))) Load (IST2, HI2) } If (And (CFGD, 0x10)) { OperationRegion (CST2, SystemMemory, DerefOf (Index (SSDT, 0x13)), DerefOf (Index (SSDT, 0x14 ))) Load (CST2, HC2) } Store (0x01, TLD2) } } } } Scope (\_PR.CPU3) { Name (HI3, 0x00) Name (HC3, 0x00) Name (TLD3, 0x00) Method (_PDC, 1, NotSerialized) { CreateDWordField (Arg0, 0x08, CAP3) Store (CAP3, PDC3) If (LEqual (TLD3, 0x00)) { If (LEqual (And (PDC3, 0x0A), 0x0A)) { If (And (CFGD, 0x02)) { OperationRegion (IST3, SystemMemory, DerefOf (Index (SSDT, 0x10)), DerefOf (Index (SSDT, 0x11 ))) Load (IST3, HI3) } If (And (CFGD, 0x10)) { OperationRegion (CST3, SystemMemory, DerefOf (Index (SSDT, 0x16)), DerefOf (Index (SSDT, 0x17 ))) Load (CST3, HC3) } Store (0x01, TLD3) } } } } } Thx, Arrow
  10. Try to run system with -x64 -s its helped me with KP on 64bit mode
  11. Yeah, its rly work i dont know why but somebody can write script for unload and load again this kext after load Graphic Interface.
  12. Yea, remove 20% of kexts from system... next 20% of system hack and enjoy with real HACKintosh.. dont forget about replace Kernel ^^ I will try to flash my Asus 8800GT512 2xDVI if it works... 1:0 for me next is DSDT GFX Patch ;/
  13. Hello All, i have problem with it... After select partition to boot with -v flag i got KPanic with information about AppleACPIPlatform bla bla bla something about Unable to find Hardware profile? DSDT generated in DSDTPatcher GUI + NewHPET MoBo GA P31-DS3L Bios Version F10a or b just actuall beta. System Works fine with Munkey efi6.1... i had loaded AppleIntelCPUPowerManagment and AppleHPET, on Chameleon 2.0 RC1 Aint. PCEFIv10 KPanic At start. Any ideas?
  14. Old but great option to get retail without any modifications... Actualy i have 10.5.7 + dsmos+boot.plist with gfx string and generated dsdt+newhpet. All work fine, AppleCPUIntelPowerManagment and AppleHPET <- LOADED! but i see one error at start respect to ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin ... PSS Evaluation Failed. And indentyfication as unknown ;/ but system works fine, uptime is more shortly than my older installation with disabler smbios dsmos and pcefiv9. Thx for guide and if anybody can help me with clean that error plz do it
  15. I think iMac is most compatibility than MacPro... iMac Core2... MacPro Xeon.