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  1. cohan

    10.4.8_AMD_UPDATE V2

    Great! Then I will try to update. I have 10.4.6, and when I tried updating to 10.4.7 (With JaS release) i got an error and couldnt get into OSX, anyone know how I can fix that? I need the 10.4.7 update installed before i can update to 10.4.8, right?
  2. cohan

    10.4.8_AMD_UPDATE V2

    Can anyone confirm that it works? It was just uploaded on Piratebay.
  3. cohan

    SSE3 on AMD ?

    No. The older AMD processors (64, X2 etc.) Doesnt support anything higher than SSE2.
  4. cohan

    Crossover Mac

    I tried running Trackmania Nations, but i keep getting an error about illegal disc mounting or something like that. Very funny to get that message on a free game.
  5. cohan

    How will my hardware setup work?

    Thank you I'll try it. So there isn't any specific problems with my hardware? btw; Both the AC97 soundcard and the network card is both integrated in the Mainboard. The SB Live! 5.1 is a PCI card. I saw Radeon 9800PRO PC/Mac drivers on ATi.com, will they work?
  6. I am installing JaS 10.4.6 and then updating to JaS 10.4.7. My hardware setup: MSI nVidia Neo2-FX - Mainboard AMD Athlon 64 3700+ - CPU ATi Radeon 9800PRO - Graphics Card RealTek ALC850 AC97 - Soundcard Creative SB Live 5.1 - Soundcard Saitek Gaming Mouse - USB mouse Labtec Ultra Flat keyb. - USB Keyboard There is another network card thats with the mainboard, but i don`t know its name. So to my question, wich problems will I have with OS x86 10.4.7 and how can I fix them? Thanks in advance=)
  7. cohan

    [How To] 10.4.4/5/6 running on VIA SATA

    Now I haven`t testet this yet, but if it works then i most say you are pretty smart for being 14 years old!
  8. I used this one "Mac OS X x86 VMWare Image" The image file is called tiger-x86-flat.img I dont think its the original Deadmoo image but i think it's a modified one.
  9. I recently, after alot of work (Since I'm dumb) got osx86 running on my computer with Qemu. here are a few screens: It's pretty slow though.