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  1. @ z0rglub: The patch doesn't work with hp 4540s. Anyone can provide a working kext from 10.8.0 or a properly patch for 10.8.1?
  2. [HOW TO] Getting IDT Audio Working

    Anyone can make a quick guide for patching applehda 92hd87b2/4?
  3. OMG I get my HD 4000 working on probook 4540s. All I did is reset bios to default and disable discrete graphic card. I am using efi string id 10660003 and dsdt patch, but not sure what made it work. I also installed legacyagpm.kext. Thank you guys for giving me useful information. Now I am so happy. Ready to get other things working.
  4. Thanks for information about AppleRTC. Right now I can use with efi string id 3 with resolution changer, but no ci qe. Anyone has solution for this?
  5. With id3-efi string I get resolution changer internal display (probook 4540s). Osx seems to recognize my monitor refresh rate (40hz and 60hz) but there's no ci qe. Can you guys explain me more about injecting via dsdt. I use DSDT Fixer to fix errors, then patch with DSDT Editor, but it seems I cannot get the same result, atleast with id3-efi string. Using smbios mbp 9,2 and legacyagpm.kext. //EDIT: With "Graphics Mode"=1366x768x64@60Hz It said 0MB RAM. With no graphics mode specified it said 512MB but still no CI QE. With no graphic mode specified it still said 0MB. But if I push computer to sleep, but I still have not patched sleep so I had to hard restart my computer. After restart, it show 512MB RAM but no CI QE.Graphics still have glitches. . DSDT-DTGP-fixed.dsl.zip dsdt-id3.dsl.zip
  6. I am so happy to see this thread, I am having troubles with probook 4540s and Hd4000. My device-id is 0166 and revision-id 0009. With some ids I have only-text screen and freeze. With id some I get blank screen and not freeze. With only id 3, I get resolution change-able screen but no ci qe. System profiler report that I get 0mb RAM. Anyway can anyone tell me how to make a dsdt than can be compiled? I am very new to dsdt. BTW I found some hardware dumps of mbp 9,1 and 10,1 here: http://tdev.me/2010/...hardware-dumps/ BTW do you have graphicsenabler? EDIT: I just use smbios mbp 9,1 and now I cannot get into Mac anymore. Weird that the line Unknown AGPM disappears too.
  7. I am having same problem with probook 4540s
  8. So basically 10.8 cut all of supporting things of old vids cards??
  9. It's been a long time I started joining the hackintosh community. I had been stuck at 10.5.8 because of my 3870, and now I wonder if I install Lion on Workstation 7/8, could I get good performance + ci/qe. Just a silly question, I hope someone could answer. One more thing, my hardware spec is: Core 2 Duo E8400 + HD 3870.
  10. ATI Radeon 3870 [Mac/PC Edition] ROM.

    NO, I mean if your card has 128k rom, you can flash.
  11. ATI Radeon 3870 [Mac/PC Edition] ROM.

    YOu can flash but you have to care about the size rom. The PC edition has a 64kb Rom but the Mac & PC edition has a 128 KB.
  12. can i update 3870card bios to mac_pc edition?

    NO you can't, because sapphire card's rom size is only 128k, but the rom size of mac & pc edition is 256k. I am waiting too, you can go back to leo.
  13. Can you re-upload the necessary kexts? Decompression failed...