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  1. Using the Gigabyte Z77x-UP5 TH motherboard with the 85479V Intel Gigabit Ethernet controller gives me abysmal speeds (150KBps) and it times out downloads after 2 or 3 mb and the aforementioned Youtube problem. The ethernet also randomly disconnects (I see it connecting and disconnecting in System Prefs) and is pretty much unusable. Using the 2.1.7 version of the kext. And while booting it only goes up to 100mbps full duplex if that means anything. (on 10.8)
  2. Cocoa Tutorial

    [lblThree setStringValue:[NSString stringWithFormat:@"%f", [lblOne floatValue] + [lblTwo floatValue], nil]]; Happy easter.
  3. I just threw together a simple tutorial for my friend. He wanted it in pdf format for some reason. So you can just open this up in Preview and take a look at it. It's 14 pages in preview, but I left one blank so its 13. REALLY SIMPLE AND EXPLAINED EVERYTHING FOR BEGINNERS When there is code, you know since there is a different font and it's color coded just like XCode Hope you enjoy it! (It's attached) How_to_make_a_Temperature_Converter.pdf
  4. I have looked at the several times, no luck :'(
  5. You MUST delete the original file before putting it in because since it is an "encrypted" folder that needs authentication it won't replace it even if it says it does.
  6. Put SArtFile.bin in: /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/CoreUI.framework/Resources Put Extras2.rsrc in: /System/Library/Frameworks/Carbon.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/HIToolbox.framework/ Versions/A/Resources/ Remember to DELETE the previous file from the directory, but back it up else where, or rename it.
  7. I just made an update, it fixes sooo many things that I hadnt realized earlier. Uploaded. If anyone would like to design icons for it, please
  8. Hi Everyone, I made a black theme in my other topic but people didn't want to help me figure out how to tun the window title text white. So now I am releasing it with the same text, black, with a white drop shadow. Enjoy SArtFile: http://rapidshare.com/files/191117606/SArtFile.bin Attention! This SArtFile.bin is updated, if you had applied any previous one, please update it. Extras2.rsrc: http://rapidshare.com/files/191097954/Extras2.rsrc Screenshot: If anybody wants to help make the text white, please post in my other topic and we'll keep trying I used iStat for the clock. Thanks to lostgame at Macthemes for helping me make this Be sure to remove the old SArtFile, or this wont do anything
  9. So far, I have only modded SArtfile and extras.
  10. Hi Everybody, So, all day I have been working on a black theme for leopard and I am getting so close. Just need some help from you lot What I need help to do is to change text colors for the window titles and in safari, the bookmark titles and tab titles. So, any help/suggestions on changing the window title text?? here is a screenshot:
  11. Left 4 Dead Cider Port

    Where did you get a left 4 dead cider port?
  12. Invision Power board

    And the homepage is a customized "portal" that takes topics from a forum, News and Updates.
  13. Hi all, I have been making an app, Swiss Converter, for a while now and just this week it has some buzz going around. But, there has been some bugs found that show an incompatibility with Mac OS X Tiger So I need some tiger users to help me fix this problem, any takers? If you are interested, please contact me via AIM, YIM, or MSN AIM: evildudeasz YIM: blahmanxe MSN: alex@zielenski.net
  14. Ok, I got it, I had to use NSPopUpBox and use tags.