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  1. in sweden the vat is 25% and the prices aint after the real exchange rate 6 sek= 1 usd but applestore counts with 10sek=1usd.. we are the guy who should get discounts
  2. About This Mac Screenshots

    I really like how osx detect my e6320 @ 2.1 ghz
  3. try to use fusion.. then start using a cd and set the vista partition active .. that is going to fix you problems
  4. i tried Laiks virginizer .. and lost my boot option to windows vista.. and i dont really like to reinstall leo again
  5. I think even the FX 570 uses the same chipset as 8400gs
  6. I tried to search about how to do it but i dont find anybody that explains it a little deeper. I know that the 8400 and 8600 have similiarities in the quadro world the 8400 to a NVS 290 or a FX 360 and the 8600 to a FX 1700 or FX 370 Is ther anyone that know how to do it cause i´ve read about people who have done that do you think a editing of the device id will solve the problem?
  7. Thank you very much Pixeler but I got a strange problem :S It says the variable theFolder is not defined .. But when i look into the surce it seems that it is defined .. But I´m not so good in apple script so i could be that it´s defined in the wrong way. tell application "Finder" set theNumber to "" repeat 5 times try make new folder at ((path to desktop) as string) with properties {name:"Text fragments " & theNumber} set theFolder to (((path to desktop) as string) & "Text fragments " & theNumber & ":") as string exit repeat on error theError if theError is "The operation could not be completed because there is already an item with that name." then set theNumber to theNumber + 1 end if end try end repeat end tell
  8. i got a textfile that is like this: a girl@a boy@a dog@.... and so on I want to in some way split this file at those "@" so they become small files that are named like this 01.txt 02.tx .. i tried csplit but i couldnt get it to work any type of help would be appreciated